Elizabeth Mitchell Cast in Mysterious Once Upon a Time Role

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Elizabeth Mitchell is on her way back to ABC.

The former Lost star has booked a mysterious role on Once Upon a Time Season 4, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed.

Details are being kept heavily under wraps, but EW says Mitchell will play a character with ties to the movie Frozen, someone with a "possibly malevolent" connection to sisters Anna and Elsa.

The Reeducation Center

Elizabeth Lail and Georgina Haig have already been cast in those key recurring roles, with EW adding that Mitchell will also be tied in to Storybrooke and Arendell.

Elsa, Anna and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) will be featured prominently on Once Upon a Time this fall, with events on the series taking place after events depicted in Frozen.

Expect everything to make a lot more sense once Season 4 premieres in September.

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maybe she will be their mom??

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Kristoff....Olof was the snowman :)

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I wasn't at all excited for the next season of once. The frozen storyline seems boring and none of the actors cast for the roles were anything to get excited about. Plus the fact that they want to bring in actors from wonderland to storybrooke. Next season looked like a disappointment. But now this casting changes everything. I love Elizabeth Mitchell she'll make a great addition to the show. I just hope she can stay on permanently and not just be in half the season.

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@ timin

How are you going to say that the Frozen story line seems boring when there hasn't been any story line yet? The actors that were cast to play the roles might not be exciting to you because you don't know them yet. I watched Fringe and the actress for Elsa seems very exciting to me plus Elizabeth is joining the cast which would be awesome. The wonderland series was originally planned to merge into storybrook in the first place so we won't really know anything until the SEASON ACTUALLY STARTS!

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And just like that Once's cancelation is approaching. Anything Elisabeth Mitchell has been in gets cancelled. With the exception of Lost.

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