Graceland Review: Angels and Demons

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When a demon has an angel at its side, it's hard for the good guys to get a win - and that's exactly what Graceland Season 2 Episode 6 taught us.

Mike and Briggs went to some pretty extreme lengths to get Paige back. And if the situation wasn't heartbreaking enough, it was only made worse with the realization that they are up against something being what they could fathom.

Paige is Undercover

We knew from Graceland Season 2 Episode 5 that Paige was in a predicament that would find her on her own for at least a little while as a captive in the sex trafficking/drug ring.

What I'm sure she didn't anticipate, however, was how absolutely heartbreaking it would be if she found the girl she was looking for, especially if it turned out that she would have to leave her behind.

I have to say that my heart really went out to her when Mike "bought" Paige, forcing her to leave her girl behind. Granted, Paige should have never been in the situation in the first place. But since she had been, wasn't it Mike's job to shut the ring down since he had the proof?

Apparently Mike thinks his job is to save the world, which is why he chose to pull Paige out and let the ring continue to persist until he can rebuild his case against the Solano cartel, which went to pieces... literally.

From the exploded evidence to a missing bus to an M.I.A. Carlito, Mike really cannot catch a break on this case.

But even more than some of these more technical aspects of the installment that relates to the case, there some very important character moments worth taking some time on.

The first had to be Briggs and MIke interrogating Lawrence. We knew the stakes were high and we knew that Lawrence was going to have something to share. But was I the only one paralyzed by how sinister it was that Briggs chose to waterboard the guy with alcohol?

Knowing what happened to Briggs himself in a similar captive situation, I had to wonder how he could do such a thing. Yes, I understand that Paige's life depended on what came out of the guy's mouth, but something about Briggs' actions didn't quite sit right with me.

What I could have used some more of, though, was that moment at the end between Jakes and Paige. Jakes has been going through a ridiculously hard time lately, and I don't think that realty could have been anymore brought to his attention than when Mike more or less blamed Paige's current circumstances on the fact he was arrested when he should have been looking out for her.

Jakes' response to Paige upon her return has to be one of the best moments between characters in this series so far. Jakes giving Paige that ballerina of his mother's to remind her of the girl she's going to save was really heartfelt. Paige is so strong that you don't ever see her really break down like that, and the same is true of Jakes.

To see them find a moment where they could connect with each other in that way was really special and I really appreciated it.

What's the absolute worst about this situation is that it is actually one of the good guys, capable of putting a stop to it, that's allowing the ring to persist. Lawrence was right when he said Carlito had a guardian angel. Unfortunately, that angel is doing nothing but facilitating demons.

Did Mike do the right thing by pulling Paige out?


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Sarah silva

To start this photo was not from this episode, it looks like it is spoiler from next week!
I like Jakes when he is not being a jerk to Mike! He had no reason to be mad at Mike at the start of the episode.
I know Paige was upset that Mike got her out of there but her saying his word means nothing is way out of left field! Mike rescued her because they need her free to help with the case. Mike will save all the other girls in the end!
I was waiting for Carmine to say BOOM!! I know he wont as that was his character Danny's signature line on CSI NY. However as soon as he came on the screen and said his first line..I said Boom! LOL

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Maybe it was the whole LAPD they dude seem to be evil

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"Apparently Mike thinks his job is to save the world..." Ain't that the truth? He obviously feels like he has something to prove, so I hope it's all worth it in the end, particularly if he goes back to D.C. for his "victory lap"--and unseats that BEEEEEEEEEEEE-OTCH Jess.
As much as I wanted Jess to be the rogue agent who tipped off Carlito, in retrospect, that probably would have been too "convenient" (ie, blame the person we don't know). So now we have a new villain...and to think Giovinazzo played such a sympathetic character on CSI: New York. :-)

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I wasnt uncomfortable with the Briggs interrogation. He did what needed to be done. sometimes dialogue will not work and this was one of those instances and time was running out.

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@ evelyn

Yep, the Waterboarding with Alcohol was perfect. There was no time to fuss. Briggs wasted no time getting to the point and they got the info that they needed. It was an absolute success.

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This episode had it all...EXCEPT ACTION!!!! Loved these dark episodes where our characters are at a low point, keeps you invested to wait a goddam week, but was I the only one who wanted Mike to beat that "Sala" ??? I wish we saw some rage, but I'll let it slide cuz he broke a laptop. Love how Carmine Giovinazzo is our new Jangles(screw Carlito, corrupt cops are worse). I can't wait till next week!!! Lesssgooo Levi!!!

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