Rookie Blue Review: Out of Control

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Chris Diaz slipped further down the rabbit hole on Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 5as his drug use nearly ruined his career. 

Dov told his friend and partner that he looked like something the cat dug up - but I think his dealer put it best in this Rookie Blue quote when he told Chris he was starting to wear the look of his best customer.

It's kind of like a twitchy porn star who just ran a marathon.


Yeah, Diaz is in it deep and now he has a dealer who knows he's a cop and plans to use him like a permanent Get Out of Jail Free card. Chris' slippery slope just spiraled out of control. 

Andy was such a goof as she asked Steve if she was the eye candy in this operation or Hello, I'm Candy

I had the feeling that Duncan wouldn't go away quietly, but doesn't it look even worse for the Police Commissioner to have his step-son sue the department?

Andy's need to play nice is about to come back and bite her as she failed to put most of Duncan's ridiculous behavior in her reports. That's a rookie mistake she won't ever repeat. 

At least Sam was there to lift her spirits and offer her a case to work on…

Andy: Is this the workplace equivalent of pity sex.
Sam: Yeah, pretty much.
Andy: OK, I'll take it.

I can't believe that Sam would rather go dog sledding than spend a vacation on the beach with a fruity drink. That entire conversation showed how much Andy is stressing over every tiny detail of their relationship before they move forward.

Thankfully, there are other more pleasant details she seems to recall as well…

Sam: I do speak fluent Spanish. You know that right?
Andy: Oh, I am aware. I just thought that was reserved for when you were naked.

Speaking of which, how many episodes will we have to wait to see these two get naked with one another yet again? Please don't tell me it's more than half the season because this will they/won't they thing is going to get boring really fast.

Despite their relationship limbo, Sam and Andy certainly work well together. Looks like the dead guy never made it to sunny Costa Rica. Now they'll have to figure out who the creepy man was pretending to want to buy his car.

Moving on to another couple who works well together, it was fun watching Traci and Steve critique Nick's game as he flirted with the bartender. I loved getting the male and female perspective on the different lines they both used.

Unfortunately for Nick, a possible date turned into a collar. At least he won't regret that in the morning, but once again, I really want Nick to find someone. The guy is far too nice, too smart and too darn cute to keep going home alone.

Finally there was Gail. Chloe might not be her best friend but at least she could see that Gail needed help and went to the right person.

I love Oliver and the change in role at 15 Division suits him. It's like he's the momma bird looking out for all his little chicks. He can be the guy who rides you and tells you to get your damn report on his desk in an hour but he can also empathize when the job becomes too much. I just hope that this is as bad as things get for Gail.

So you tell me, TV Fanatics, which vacation would you choose, Sam or Andy's?


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love love this show...good writers...oneday when you find you're on top don't forget the fans who brought you on the pedestal....!

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First off - liking the new commenting system, TVF. :)
Second - I liked this episode. I'm a bit worried about Chris Diaz and where he is going. I agree that Nick is way too cute to be going home alone all the time, too. That ending was kind of funny w/ him and the bartender, too.

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It looks like Chris thought being the good guy was getting him nowhere,so becoming a drug addict is going to make him happier?! - wrong answer!
And Duncan - not surprised by his move at all. Just like a creep to almost get someone killed and not want to take responsibility for their own actions.

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I am loving this show. Where can I read reviews of the Canadian episodes? I don't mind spoilers and really want to know what is coming up. Loving Andy and Sam and really hope they get back together and stay that way. Chris is definitely heading for a crash - hope Dov or someone is there to catch him. Poor guy, he has had some tough breaks. Thanks for reviewing.

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@ Chris1215tine

you can get recaps of canadian epsiodes on :) ... enjoy! :)

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Sarah silva

This episode aired a couple weeks ago here in Canada.
Chris is heading down a very dangerous road.
I too like Nick and want him to get a love interest, I say it each week...sign me up, LOL
Oliver may not want to be head of 15 but he is good at it. However I do miss Frank.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

You look like something the cat dug up.


It's kind of like a twitchy porn star who just ran a marathon.