Graceland Review: Animal House

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The summer is quickly drawing to a close, and Graceland Season 2 Episode 11 reminded us that the lies these agents have been carrying with them have every intention of coming home to roost.

Unfortunately for those involved, a few of those truths came out on sauce night - and it was as bummer!

Perhaps the most unfortunate part, though, is that Briggs finally had to face up to the truth. And not because he felt compelled to, but because the one person from whom he tried his hardest to conceal Juan Badillo's tape and his murder became the one person to come into possession of the tape: Charlie.

Yes, in the midst of her surprise pregnancy in Graceland Season 2 Episode 10, Charlie came into possession of the tape and learned that the future father of her child was also a murderer - and apparently with designs to take Mike out of the picture during tonight's heist!

It's not a surprise that Briggs was on track for a breakdown - the sleepwalking and dreams of killing Mike were a dead giveaway - but I wasn't 100% clear on his intent to kill Mike.

The man really has lost his mind. I don't honestly know what's next for him. Where do you go when the tape is in the hands of someone you know, especially if they don't turn you in?

Oddly enough, Mike is in the same boat... whether he realizes it or not. He is so intent on catching Briggs in whatever lie Mike thinks he could be caught in that he doesn't realize he's one intuitive inquiry or move away from tipping his hand to Paige, to whom he, like Briggs, should have also come clean immediately.

So while Briggs and Mike focused on inching one another out of the operation or into the truth, both their female confidantes are only a step away from outing them. And tonight, one did.

And then there's poor Johnny, who, in the midst of the bickering that broke out during their attempted "family" dinner, revealed his involvement with Lucia to the entire house. In doing so, he became the hero in this installment, as he is the only one of the men in the house with an operation-compromising secret to come clean with the least prompting to do so.

For this, my friend, you deserve a standing ovation.

I'll be honest, though: I am still a little shocked that Charlie had the tape. Who did you think had the tape, Agents?


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At first, high hope for this series. But when watching romance between partner, i feel sad. All team member have sex problem. Please look NCIS, blue blood. It's contradiction become an best law enforcement if he/she cannot follow simple rules, no sex between colleague.


Well, I'll echo the other posters in saying what a great ep this was--one of the better ones this season. Man... Briggs' head sure is a dark place to be, ain't it? Good on the writers for making Charlie the recipient of the tape--I'd never have guessed that the officer at Sid's precinct called her....which makes me wonder, does that officer know Charlie's a fed? And is HE an undercover fed too? I think we're in for a wild finale (it's a 2-parter) and right on time. These sub-plots are become kinda tangled and convoluted so it's time to unravel them and tie 'em off.

Sarah silva

That was an intense episode!
I was shocked that Charlie had the tape. I was sure it was Sid or one of his guys, as the tape was dropped off to the same station that Sid works at.
I do not understand how Briggs turned on Mike so fast, well I guess it was not a shock as everyone in the house has been against Mike this season and I think it is because they do not like seeing him have the power.
I was pleasantly surprised and happy that Jakes told Briggs that there was no way Mike had the tape and no way Mike would hurt him. I also like that Charlie got mad a Briggs and could not believe he was going to kill Mike.
Charlie put 2 and 2 together very fast when Amber said that Briggs told her Mike was going to steal the money, she knew in that second that Briggs was going to shoot Mike because he thought he had the tape.
So what will Charlie do with the tape? Will she turn in her baby daddy? If Briggs would have come clean when she asked him the night before if there was anything he wanted to share and he said no, then I think she would have destroyed the tape. Now I think she will turn it in and let Briggs face the consequences.
We all know Sid is bad and the story he told Briggs about wanting to take Solano down was a lie.
Only two more episodes left and I am sure we will be in for quite a ride!


This episode was That tape finally bit him, right in the kisser man. I was surprised when Charlie was revealed to be the unknown caller. No wonder she asked him to cut the peppers last episode. Never saw it coming, i loved it. Although i wanted Mike to have it, i feel now with pregnancy and the fact that Briggs was gonna get Mike killed, I'm glad she ended up with it, i had a feeling she was low-key for a reason besides the pregnancy, though i thought it was with kelly...wheres kelly? As for the rest, Paige is really starting to bug me. She is too emotionally involved in this, more than Briggs, and even Johnny, and Johnny, oh boy...For the first time, i actually felt Jakes was the innocent victim in this episode. Poor Chocolate Jesus. Overall, great episode, keep it coming, i can't wait to see Sid and the Solanos in cuffs. Also i liked that they got the fbi superior back, was beginning wonder to where he was. Since I'm talking about bringing people back, i hope they bring back the Caza leader, loved that character. The only thing i hated about this episode was... THE SAUCE!!! why you gotta waste the sauce like that Chuck -.- Time for dinner...

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