Graceland Review: Grave Digging

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It's official: Graceland Season 2 Episode 9 was the most disturbing installment of this show to date.

Not only did Carlito reappear to be a complete creeper, but now Mike has walked himself down a very troubling path that stuns me even as I write this.

What happened to Lena is interesting for two reasons:

  1. It's the first instance in which Mike failed an op miserably;
  2. The consequences directly reflect the situation Briggs faces with Charlie.

We'll take each element in turn.

So this is Mike's first op as a lead. He's been calling the shots, including the shot that allowed the trafficking ring to continue, for that creep in charge to remain at the helm, and ultimately to Lena being stabbed to death. Paige gave Mike every opportunity to shut the thing down and he refused.

She begged him on multiple occasions. Now Lena, the person Paige was so intent on saving from this horrible industry, is dead. And it's Mike's fault.

But I'll be darned if he didn't formulate some scenario in which he is also a victim, hitting himself with something that would cause Paige to think that Lena has run away and is still alive. Meanwhile, Mike is incinerating her body. There literally are no adequate words to describe how messed up this is.

Then again, doesn't it sound familiar? Didn't Briggs do the exact same thing to Juan Badillo? Briggs buried the body, tried to get rid of the evidence, but failed to tell the one person on whom the death weighed the most - Charlie - the real truth behind Juan's death.

You're probably thinking, "Well, Mike burned all the evidence, we now know the LAPD has audio evidence of what Briggs did." And you'd be right. But don't you think, much like Briggs, that the truth is only a listen away from being discovered?

Honestly, I am just still trying to process what Mike did. And that single tear he

Mike's story filled out much of the installment, but there was some progress made on Charlie's bank heist, as Jakes has joined her team on the job with Amber.

In other news, Johnny was south of the border with the Solano family, and apparently ruffling Carlito's feathers when it appears Papa Solano takes a liking to Johnny and his innovative new idea for trafficking drugs.

I would say it was just another day at Graceland. But the truth is, this day stood out in a big and unsettling way.

It's only a matter of time before Briggs is found out, but how long do you think Mike has before Paige finds out?


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so writer? the thing you said about single tear mike shared...did it mean you were bothered or felt betrayed or what?! i didn't get it

Sarah silva

I can see Mike's reason for lying. Paige has gone against him at every turn as soon as the trafficking story line started. I know a lot of people are against Mike but I am not. He tried to save Lena and if Paige would realize how dangerous the guy is that is keeping the girls I think she would have been a little more understanding from the start. Yes Mike lying to her was not the best move but he was trying to get her out of there and the guy killed her. Mike knows if he tried explaining that to her she would do something stupid and wind up getting herself killed! That scene at the end was intense for tv, seeing Lena's body burn.
Charlie is 100% pregnant! I am not sure moving in with Amber "because of the case" is really the true story. Something seems to be up with Charlie. Maybe she does not want Brigg's child and knows if she stays at the house they will all realize she is pregnant.
I hope Johnny is not getting in over his head. He seems super naïve this season. He was more sure of himself last year. I do not think he can handle, pretending to like Carlito, really liking his sister, and pretending to just be there to work with Papa Salano! He seems to be cracking under the pressure.
The infamous tape returns! I do not see this ending well for Briggs.
We have what 3 episodes left? I wonder how the season will end.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Agreed, and who knows what paige would do if she found out? She'd probably storm the place herself. i really used to like her character until this arc started, now she's just whiny and annoying

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

thank you so much for this! people are being crazy! i am totally against what mike did about lena's body but he knew if he tells the truth paige would be a bitch and act out just like you said! i think he mostly underestimated sulla's creepiness and that led to leena's death not mike irresponsibility!


Mike has become a detestable character. He has also become an incompetent agent. He destroyed the body of a murder victim after telling Paige she escaped. Consequently, no proof that she was murdered by the guy running the brothel.

@ Esteban

So? What that acomplish at this point? They already have enough evidence on the guy to put him away.


This episode was a bit slow because it seems the writers are "positioning" the actors for something to come, which is why I kept watching. I'm poised to see what comes of Mike's cover-up, Briggs' learning of the recovered cassette, the bank heist (and that the robber is sleeping with the victim), and Johnny's op with Solano. If I had to pick one, it would be the first on the list--you KNOW Paige is gonna go BAT. SHIT. CRAY-CRAY. on Mike. Youpin, my thoughts exactly. That oughtta be interesting too.


Is Charlie pregnant? Normally when a woman throws up on a show it is a sign of pregnancy.

@ youpin

There is no doubt she is pregnant which is one of the reasons she didn't want to stay "home" with Briggs. :-) All kinds of goodies are beginning to play out. Everyone is going to be "found out." Briggs, Mike, and Johnny are deep in the shit.

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