Rookie Blue Review: Keep It PG

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Moving day turned into movie day on Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 9as the Officers of 15 Division had to wear body mounted cameras. What could go wrong?

Oliver laid out the basic rules, the most important of which being pants off, cameras off. And in the same vein, let's keep it PG. 

That was easier for some than for others. 

Let's start with Chloe. It was divorce day and Wes hand delivered the papers…unfortunately, he forgot to sign one of the pages. Does anyone believe that was an accident?

Wes and Chloe's hot dog rap was disturbing on many levels. Let's hope the singing and the kiss never, ever happen again. I felt bad for Chloe as she scrambled, trying to keep the video from Dov - but she really should have told him.

Wes kissed her and then she immediately left. Dov certainly wouldn't be happy about it but an explanation would be better coming from her before he saw the video.

Speaking of those cameras, I found myself wondering if Chloe's comment about Chris being in rehab was recorded. I wish we had gotten more of an explanation about that. Will Chris be able to keep his job if he completes the rehab program? How many people believe he's simply "on vacation" and how long will that last? Right now we're left with more questions than answers.

The human trafficking case that Andy and Chloe stumbled upon was very sad. Those men fled their country because of violence and poverty only to be treated as slave labor. The moment Sam began questioning the doctor, I had no doubt that she was involved. I was just glad that Andy's camera had such good range. 

As for McSwarek, I'd say Sam needs to work on his game when it comes to a night out. Nut a night eating pizza in bed while watching The Bachelorette isn't a bad alternative, so it's hard to complain. 

Finally, we learned more about Nick as he tried to help out the brother and sister. It was a rather warped twist that actually giving the kids a juvenile record was the only thing that allowed them to stay together. 

And please tell me Nick will be seeing more of the cheese puffs girl that helped him buy his toothbrushes. Nick is far too nice, charming and handsome to go this long without a love interest. 

On the downside, Traci and Steve were still on the outs. They've been one of my favorite couples since last season so I really hope they find their way back together soon.

As usual, Gail had all the best lines as she shared her thoughts on moving day in this Rookie Blue quote

I don't even like watching people move. I find it exhausting.


I'm right there with you Gail. Not ever pizza and beer can make moving day worthwhile. 

What do you think, TV Fanatics, should the officers of 15 Division always have to wear cameras on the job?


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Sarah silva

This was a great episode! I like reading the recaps as I have seen the episodes a few weeks ago and it is good to have a refresher!
There are some answers to your questions that I want to provide but of course I wont!
If Sam/Ben Bass would ever ask me to join him in bed for take out pizza and beer I would say yes! LOL
I also agree that Nick is handsome and needs a love interest.
I too like Steve and Traci.
As the previous episode showed, Dov does not seem that into his relationship with Chloe anymore. It is sad because he pursed her last season and defended her to his friends when they thought she was annoying and then he "fought" Wes for her.


Help. Because of pre-season football game, and a bad timer on dvr, I missed final minutes of episode. I knew the kiss between Chole and West with the camera on was going to be an issue, so was Chole able to erase it or did Dov see it? Was Andy ok with the failed dinner attempt or did she view it as a possible lack of commitment from Sam? Did we get a chance to see how Gails family dinner went?
Sorry for all the questions, but loved what part of the show I was able to watch. The cameras made for storyline.

@ reality adictt

Chole went on Dov's computer to erase it (or watch it) but it didn't show you actually erasing it. So who knows?! Andy was definitely ok with the pizza in bed date. She didn't really want to go anyways... she was so exhausted from work. We did not see anything having to do with Gail's/Peck's dinner.

@ Elisia

Thanks for the help. I really like Chole and Dov as a couple. Hopefully with Chris out of the picture and now Wes divorce final, they can start to reconnect, and get their relationship back on track.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Sir, I'm requesting desk duty because I would rather mop the floor with my tongue.


Normally I mean to be insensitive but I didn't actually mean it that time.