Rookie Blue Review: Wicked Wednesday

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Oliver wasn't kidding when he said, "it's like I did something to Wednesday and it's exacting its revenge."

His day went from bad to worse to abysmal in Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 8... with a slight glimmer of hope at the very end.

We'll start with McNally…but before we do, I just have to mention how adorable she and Swarek are in their scenes together. Having McSwarek back together brightens the entire show, even when things are horrible for everyone else.

Although, Mean Andy was rather refreshing, as Gail pointed out in this Rookie Blue quote

You said something bad about another person. We finally have something in common, McNally. Oh no. We'll always have Nick.


I couldn't help but laugh when Gail threw in that zinger about sharing Nick. Gail's never-ending talent for sarcasm and delivering digs with a smile is one of the reasons why I will always love her. 

Andy's strategy was to act as if she were happy, in the hopes that eventually she would be. It's not a bad plan, but actually speaking to Oliver was a much better one. Thankfully, Sam kept pushing her in that direction. Andy coming to him at the end of the day was the one tiny bright spot in Oliver Shaw's completely miserable day.

That misery had spread itself across 15 Division. The moment Steve told Traci about Dex and the illegal gambling ring, I new she would try and save him, even though he didn't deserve it. 

Traci going to Dex was a risky move on so many levels. He could have tried to turn the tables on her. He could have not shown up on the day everyone else got arrested, making himself look like a rat. Or he could do just what he did and save his criminal buddies while hanging Traci out to dry. 

I know Traci's angry at Steve for going behind her back but what she did feels so much worse. She put both of their careers in jeopardy and Dex still has the upper hand in the custody agreement. When will Traci finally see Dex for what he is? A selfish loser who will continually take advantage of her.

Finally, there was the home invasion. I really thought Ewan was involved somehow. The guy was just such a self-absorbed idiot. I felt sorry for Seth. Not that he shouldn't pay for setting up the home invasion to rob his own home but his suicide attempt showed how desperate and alone this kid really felt. 

The crisis with the gas leak helped Dov see that he couldn't continue to hide Chris' secret. Chris is showing all the behaviors of an addict. Despite swearing that he can stop, he continues to do drugs and blames others instead of taking responsibility for his actions. 

I was proud of Dov for deciding to turn him in. Even better to have Chris do it himself as some departments have programs that can help and perhaps there's a chance he can save his career. Either way, Chris was going to hurt himself or someone else if he continued on the road he was on.

Dov did everything right with Chris and everything wrong with Chloe. He's completely shut her out giving her no reason as to why. She can only assume he's lost interest and if Dov doesn't wake up and realize what he's doing soon he's going to lose her. 

What do you think, TV Fanatics, should Dov confide in Chloe about Chris' drug addiction?


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The most interesting story line for me was Traci, Steve and Dex. I get that Dex is the father of Traci's son. Speaking as an individual with an ex husband and children for that ex-husband - I would not want to see him in jail. However, my ex-husband never tried to sue me for alimony and custody of our children. Traci couldn't be naive enough to believe that Dex was not going to warn the parties involved in the gambling ring. I'm sure he will continue to try and obtain alimony and custody of their child. If Traci hasn't messed up already - she's going to lose her job and Steve. Very, very un-smart move on Traci's part.

Sarah silva

This was another good episode!
I can not wait until you all see Episode 11 which is the season finale. Bummed that are shorted this season, was looking forward to the full 22 and we did not even get the typical 13!
I am biting by tongue to not say what happened at the end of the episode! We will all have a lot to discuss in 3 weeks time!
I too love McSwarek.
The scene with Andy and Gail was great!
I also really liked when Andy went to talk to Oliver, such a great scene!
Traci made a bad choice in telling Dex, she had to know he would not keep his mouth shut! Steve had every right to be mad at her but being the good guy he is, he took the blame for the bust going south.
I completely agree with what you said at the end of the review about Dov!
He fought so long and hard for Chloe and he no longer is interested in her!


I hate Andy with Sam!


Not a Cloe fan, go away. Dov doesn't deserve her nutty personality.


Watching the show this morning - WHY does the network interupt the show for the Idiot in chief - Who ever wants to see that idiot can go on line or to CNN - Stop interupting your shows or take up your commercial time!!!!

@ Michael Johnson

I was interrupted by football so will have to go online and watch

@ Emma

Oh my. I'm so sorry. Early August and it's already football season! Wait until it's year round... eeeek.


At the end of the day for Traci, Dex will always be the father of her child. Steve was suggesting that she leave him in there and he goes to prison. What do you tell your child? I let your father go to jail so that I get custody? However much Dex is a loser, he will always be the father of her child.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

McNally you can be late or you can be mouthy. You can choose one.


You said something bad about another person. We finally have something in common, McNally. Oh no. We'll always have Nick.