Scandal Cast: Before They Were Gladiators

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We can't wait for our team of Gladiators to return with Scandal Season 4 on Thursday, September 25.

But you might be surprised at where you've seen them on TV before they joined Olivia Pope's team.

From current hit shows (like Castle and Grey's Anatomy) to ABC After School Specials, the stars of Scandal have long and varied careers. You may have seen them anywhere from The Sopranos and The West Wing to '\1990s teen hits like Dawson's Creek and Felicity.

Some go all the way back to the 1980s classics such as L.A. Law and St. Elsewhere.

Take a look and trip down memory lane with your favorite stars from Scandal.  

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Scandal Quotes

Olivia: I have been riding and dying for you. I fixed an election for you. Sacrificed everything to keep you in office, we all did. Cyrus, James, Jerry, Harrison, Mellie. Every one of us. I was your mistress because you needed me.
Fitz: And I was willing to give it all up for you.
Olivia: Which is exactly the problem.
Fitz: I tried to give up my wife for you, my office! And you backed out every time.
Olivia: Of course I did. If you gave up the Presidency, what did I do all this for? Everything we did, I did, all of it, if you gave up the Presidency it would be a waste. Everything I've sacrificed to get you here, to keep you here, so you could be the best, so you could make history, so you could be the President you were meant to be. And you were. You were the President you were meant to be and then, when the true test came along, when I was taken because of you, you go to war? You sent thousands of innocent soldiers into harms way, some of them to their deaths, for one person.
Fitz: I had to save you.
Olivia: You didn't save me. I'm on my own.

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