Switched at Birth Review: Bay Isn't Most Girls

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There is a burning desire to only cover half of Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 20.

The portion of the program devoted to Bay, prom and standing up for friends was lovely. Watching Daphne continue to bite every hand that reached out to her was difficult.

So let's get the unsavory bits out of the way first.

Even knowing that Daphne was ultimately unhappy because she never told Angelo she loved him when he was trying so hard before his death to reconnect with her wasn't enough to make me feel anything but disgust for her.

When someone does every single thing wrong there comes a point when you no longer care. I just don't care about Daphne. She ended the night with yet another string of "I'm sorry" to everyone who was coming to her aid. Well, that probably isn't going to make any difference to her future in the long run.

To quote Wes:

Regina: Her dad just died!
Wes: Does that give her the right to break the law? She cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars! She forced us into bed with Coto! This is your project too!

Daphne didn't make mistakes as a result of her grief, she committed crimes. She bought and took drugs, engaged in under aged drinking, vandalized and stole from her workplace. She did this all while having more than one hand extended to her to grasp onto for help.

She will be caught for vandalizing the East Riverside project. Even if Wes doesn't press charges, Nacho will likely tell the police she was involved and that will affect her probation, effectively revoking it if they feel it's warranted. She was also fired for theft of narcotics, which could have been avoided if she hadn't been so stupid as to grind them up in her kitchen. She could have taken them back and possibly none would have been the wiser.

I do not understand what the previews are showing, but with John, Toby and Daphne crying, I hope to hell someone doesn't take the fall for Daphne (I'm looking at you Toby!). She will have learned absolutely nothing from all of this.

Then there's Bay. 

Counselor: OK everyone, gather around. We're about to announce your prom king and queen.
Bay: Oh. Exciting. Let's see who the prettiest, most popular, most superficial couple in the school is.
Natalie: Cool!
Bay: This is a joke, right?

Surprise! Toby wanted to make up for the last time they went to prom, which didn't really end that well. He campaigned to make them king and queen and arranged for a limo and after party. Bay looked absolutely gorgeous in her Cleopatraesque dress but she just couldn't do it. Not when her friends were being penalized.

Now, I get the series wanting to make a statement about gender equality and all that, but the cold hard facts are that no school in the world would get away with initiating a dress code on the day of the prom! Dresses were purchased and tuxes were rented on the day tickets were sold. Parents would go crazy. That was my issue.

On the other hand, Bay looked adorable in her tux, Emmett carried on his love for her and everyone had a smashing good time at their own outside prom when the king and queen were denied entrance for inappropriate attire.

Bay's fierce loyalty to her friends even gave way for a little bromantic moment between Toby and Tank. It appears their friendship is for real and it's nice to have someone for Toby to hang around with. Tank was a decent guy long before things went wrong with Bay, so keeping him was a great idea.

If you've missed any of Daphne's out-of-control downward spiral, you can catch up when you watch Switched at Birth online.

Should Daphne pay for her crimes?


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ok wow, we clearly saw this episode differently. I loved Daphne's downward spiral. She had some deep emotional trauma going on. It's not Angelo's death itself that hurt her. It's the timing of it, when she finally stopped being angry with him and started to develop a relationship with him. She does not owe Regina an apology. Regina needs to apologize to her for being the most selfish mother ever. She denied her daughter a loving father for 13 years, and portrayed him as bad when he wasn't. It's not fair that Regina made Daphne hate Angelo. As soon as he showed up, Regina started sleeping with him again and basically said to Daphne "oopsie. My bad. I lied. He's actually the most charming loving and cultured person ever. I was just so angry and stubborn that I raised with you lies about him so that you would be on my side. But now I love him again so you should just get over 13 years of hatred and lies by yourself, you know, because I raised to be independent. Byyeeee." Daphne was punishing her mom and her mom, a blind selfish bitch, could not figure what her daughter needed. All Daphne needed was someone to listen to her. But Regina is a heartless robot that can't process feelings and only knew how to isolate her daughter further. Daphne kept lashing out, waiting for her mom to make the first move, to throw a rope for Daphne to grab onto. All Regina had to say to make all of this stop was "I'm sorry you lost all those years with Angelo. It's all my fault because I was so stubborn so many years ago. You are right to be angry with me. I'm sorry. I really am. Do you forgive me?" If Regina had just admitted that to Daphne and apologized to her, she wouldn't have had to keep lashing out. I hate people like Regina. And honestly, I don't think anybody understood the true extend of Daphne's pain. I think a therapist is exactly what she needed. I'm glad she opened up to Kathryn and not the unfeeling walking piece of cardboard she denounced as a mother.


Toby is Bay's brother, not her boyfriend... Emmett is her boyfriend...


Finally, the long and overdue Daphne intervention. It's been bothering me for at least a few episodes waiting for this to happen and it finally did - she had really gone off the rails. Also loved that they used "Girl Is A Queen" by Splash when they are all walking into the prom and I liked how they turned the outside prom into something way better than inside anyway because let's face it most people end up being miserable by the end of their real proms anyway

@ Darci

LOL -- that is so true! My date got so drunk he threw up all during prom (we missed the dinner) and I had to get special permission to drive his parents car home before the end of the darn thing. SAB was a much happier occasion!! PLEASE pop back in after you watch the summer finale. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it, given your thoughts on this ep.


Good point about the dress code announced the same day or day before prom. My issue was also the teacher who refused them entrance all of a sudden just dissolving into hateful talk, calling them freaks, etc. I guess the writers were trying to make a powerful scene, but isn't it more likely that he would just claim it was district policy and that he, as only a teacher/counselor, could not make an exception [even the principal couldn't so how could this guy?]


I am very glad that Daphne didn't take any of the Oxy, I was yelling at her not to, but for her to throw them in the garbage disposal was stupid. I don't understand why she couldn't take them back to the clinic either. Anyway, she deserved to be fired, and I am glad that Regina knows about her involvement in vandalizing the property. Daphne definitely deserves to pay for what she is done. Grieving doesn't justify all the crap that she has done.
Kudos to Bay for standing up for her friends. I really loved their outdoor prom.


It probably won't happen but I think it would be interesting if something happened to Bay, leading to the reveal of her aneurysm scare etc. Daphne's recent behaviour has been commanding everyone's attention while Bay's struggle with Angelo's death has perhaps been more subtle. I think it would be interesting to see their parents' realize that while they've been trying to prevent one daughter from destroying her future, the other has also been grappling with some very serious concerns.


Daphne should pay for her crimes. TV is giving children who are watching a bad message, that kids can do all the wrong things and their parents will forgive them anyway or take the fall for the. Children should be accountable.

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Counselor: OK everyone, gather around. We're about to announce your prom king and queen.
Bay: Oh. Exciting. Let's see who the prettiest, most popular, most superficial couple in the school is.
Natalie: Cool!
Bay: This is a joke, right?

Regina: Her dad just died!
Wes: Does that give her the right to break the law? She cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars! She forced us into bed with Coto! This is your project too!