Graceland Review: In the Trap

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When you get in bed with the wrong people, it's not uncommon to find yourself walking into a trap.

And whether some of these agents know it or not, that's exactly the consequences they started to face on Graceland Season 2 Episode 12.

The first of a two-part season finale, this installment found lots of plots set in motion, none of which appear to be heading towards good outcomes.

Mike's hot-headedness played right into Sid's sinister plan, which is yet to be fully revealed. Not only did Mike manage to get into a knockdown, drag-out fight with the guy in the middle of the FBI field office... he also apparently got bugged, too, leading Sid right to the safe house.

Now it's not only been compromised, but Briggs is in imminent danger. At the same time, Paige's suspicions are seemingly confirmed when Lena's sister tries to enter the country using her credentials. One can only wonder what tipped Paige off about that letter.

Charlie's dealings with Amber could be her last. After apparently tracking the psychotic bank robber down, that unexpected crash and abduction had me on the edge of my seat. I really hope the whole thing doesn't cause Charlie to lose her baby.

What did you all think of Charlie handing over the tape to Mike and asking him for help? Charlie is probably the only one in the house brave enough to trust him right now, but I can't help but wonder what action Mike is going to take.

Lucia's eagerness to get out from under the iron thumb of her father may put Johnny's operation in danger. That was the same briefcase of cash that Jakes packed, isn't it? So now Jakes is in clear and present danger going into the deal with the Solanos.

So, Agents, who are you most concerned about?


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Sarah silva

We are in for one heck of a finale!
I hope Charlie does not lose the baby, however I am sure she will. Otherwise if she is still pregnant and leaves the house then we will not see much or any of Charlie.
So Sid is just a bad guy. I was hoping he was working for the FBI too and was deep undercover, but no such luck.
I have this feeling that Mike and Briggs found the bug in his jacket, why else would Mike leave the jacket out and not put it in his room! Was the gun in Mike's desk one that he planted just incase Sid came to the house? I have watched enough shows where we think the good guys are doomed and then BOOM they had this plan all along. So we will se what happens next week.
I do think Johnny is putting himself and Jakes in danger, he is thinking with the wrong part of his body! I still do not think that Lucia is innocent,I would not be surprised if she is pretending to like Johnny and that she will screw him over!
I liked Paige but lately she is annoying me!

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I guess they have a special room for weapons. I don't think they leave their guns in drawers like that. And I agree with you on the jacket thing.

Sarah silva
@ martinelli

They should have a special room or at least lock the weapon away, that is another reason I think there is set up.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I'd like to think there'd be a "reverse twist" too--should be a good season finale. Not sure they'd end on a cliffhanger though because USA hasn't officially renewed the show for Season 3--ratings haven't been that great.

Sarah silva
@ David Thaler

There have been lots of shows that have ended on a cliffhanger, in hopes that they will get renewed. I do not know the numbers for this season but I am sure shows on the USA network do not get really high numbers.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Well, I don't know about "lots", but there have been some. According to this site (, ratings have generally declined over the course of the season and barely break 1M viewers in the 18-49 demog.


Another season another calm before the storm, which has officially begun. Graceland has done it again, im eager for the finale, which I hope starts a season 3 for this show. I had the worst feeling Johnny was gonna screw something up, and he did. Paige is still on my nerves, I hope she doesn't screw something up, if she does, that may be the door to season 3? Once again we see, Charlie, Briggs, and Mike head towards inevitable danger like last season finale. And again I think Jakes will be the savior. Overall, great episode, loved this darker season than the last, and Carmine(Sid) is killing his role, he gives me more Goosebumps than Carlito. Can't wait for the finale, lessgo team Levi and please make a season 3!!

@ Hawkeye

I totally agree with everything you've said. Paige has been annoying me a hit. Like I get it Lina was the girl who helped lead you to the whole sex ring situation but you can't control everything and really needs to let go. This whole situation has ruined her little fling which could've resulted into a potential relationship between Paige and Mike. I thought it would be good for Mike to have someone in his life after the whole thing with Amber and Jess and the whole season 1 kiss. I really hope we get a season 3.

@ Selina

It's not about controlling everything. It is about trusting Mike. He lied to her. I liked them together and it have been nice to see more of it but that's not possible any more. Not after what happened.

@ martinelli

Your right about trust, but Paige has been like that since the day she didn't get her team for the bust. She's too invested to think clearly. Yeah, Mike is also to blame, but i feel he wouldn't have to if it weren't for paige.

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Graceland Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Last time I stayed for you. I always stay for you.


Jakes: Some people have greater ambitions in life than just winning.
Mike: Like what?
Jakes: Surviving?