Kate Brooks

I love TV and I love the journey that we, as viewers, get to experience as we watch a series. I love character relationships and...

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Lisa palmer
Lisa Palmer

Follow me on twitter @TVTherapy! I discuss any and all entertainment news and all things television.   

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Arlene G.

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Ashley bissette sumerel
Ashley Bissette Sumerel

I'm a TV addict with a thing for cooking shows and vampires. The only thing better than watching TV is having the chance to write about...

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Michael Pascua

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Carter dotson
Carter Dotson

I'm a freelance writer from Texas (soon to be Chicago), and when I'm not covering the world of iOS and Android all across the internet,...

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Lindsey kempton
Lindsey Kempton

I'm a TV junkie, and I strongly believe that TV is more than just lowest common denominator entertainment. If you disagree (or agree!),...

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Paul Dailly

I am a 22 year old film student from Glasgow, Scotland.

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