Bill Paxton stars Bill Henrickson on HBO's Big Love.  Bill was born at Juniper Creek, a Mormon compound in Utah.  Bill went to school at the University of Utah where he met his future wife, Barb.  Bill initially rejected the ideas of Juniper and poloygamy and lived a traditional life with Barb.  Bill and Barb had three children together, Sarah, Ben, and later Tancy "Teenie" seven years later. 

Bill then met his Nicki, the daughter of the compound leader, Roman, when Barb was sick with cancer.  Nicki came to help with the childriden and after Barb got better, Bill decided to return to the principle of polygamy and take her on as a second wife.  Bill and Nicki then had two children together, Raymon and Wayne.

Bill's hardware business, Henrickson's Home Plus, was thriving, and he met his third wife, Margene, there.  She was one of his employees and soon became a babysitter at his home.  After marrying her, Bill had three children with her, Aaron, Lester and Nell.

Now, Bill is trying to open up a Mormon-friendly casino and considered marrying a fourth wife, Ana.

Bill Henrickson Quotes

We will survive through sacrifice and endurance.


Bill [about his father]: He's gotta get to a doctor.
Lois: No! Remember when he got his fingers caught in the fan? You said doctors and he was fine!
Bill: He needed 23 stitches!

Big Love Quotes

Sarah: Why can't we just hire a babysitter like everyone else?
Barb: Because we're not everyone else

Margene: Does that mean you miss me more?
Bill: Officially... I miss you guys all the same.