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Like Alicia, Cary Agos is a new associated at The Good Wife's law firm. At first, he seemed like a passive aggressive foil for the show's main character.

While he still competes with her, Cary actually has a lot to offer. He's adept at research and is eager to learn. He and Alicia have teamed up on multiple occasions.

Cary Agos Quotes

I'm a team player. I just wanna do what's right for the firm.


Cary: I don't want you to lose.
Alicia: I know. I don't want you to lose, either.
Cary: I kind of like you.
Alicia: I'm surprised, but I kind of like you, too.

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I totally dig Carry. i think he is cute and oohhhhhhhh i love his voice n eyes.i liked him more when with the other firm,with florrick as the state attorney. have fun watching


I hope they dont make Cary into too much of the bad guy, I admired the character and enjoyed the variation of different work styles of him and Alicia. It made it very entertaining to watch.


We really like Cary at our house. He is a very realistic character. In the workplace there is plenty of competition just like on TGW. We love Cary's warm & caring side, his flirting with Kalinda and his extreme intelligence. This is one smart guy. We felt very sorry for Cary when someone had to lose the job contest. But we look forward to seeing Cary rock the courtroom next year as a star prosecutor. Cary is played to absolute perfection by Matt Czuchry. No one else, we don't think, could combine that competitive nature with so much charm. Great job Matt. Can't wait for next season!


I always thought Cary was really quite a warm character, and despite the competition with him and Alicia, I really don't want him to lose! He reminds me of one of my friends and I think he would have to be one of my favourite characters on this show. I can't wait to watch tonights episode :)


I like cary! even if he is competing with Alicia for the same job... i loved the episode with the santa actor who was testifying, and the prosecution (i think) lawyer was making the court room laugh and saying stuff like, kris, that is your real name, and various santa jokes and the jury was all laughing. then diane said, take out santa, and cary said, with pleasure. Ho ho ho, sucked for Santa! Cary's a good lawyer and he's kinda adorable! it was funny when he had to go to work high (n_n) so funny! i don't know who will win the competition!

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