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A member of the Army's elite Delta Force, but also a dad who tries to balance his life as best he can, Chase Moran is married to Pamela Moran.

Chase and Pamela Moran have two children, Lucas and Katie Moran.

Upon meeting and marrying Chase, Pamela quit her job at Boston PD to become a full-time wife and mother. That was over a decade ago.

Their life is difficult as various deployments keep Chase away for long periods of time.

Nevertheless, he and Pamela always try to work together and fight to make things work.

Chase Moran Quotes

Hey, you only get married twice, right?


Chase: Best wedding ever?
Pamela: Hardest to forget, anyway.

Army Wives Quotes

Some hero. I was only gone two weeks.


Claudia Joy was his anchor, and I can't imagine a world without Claudia Joy in it.


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