Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

As other characters were uttering this line to begin the first half of the series, they were referring to Claire Bennett.

A confused 16-year old, Claire is indestructible. She has her friend, Zack, video record her catching on fire and jumping off high structures in order to document her incredible healing power.

But where does it come from? She's the adopted child of the mysterious Noah Bennet and his wife, but we later discover her biological father is Nathan Petrelli - and she was given to Mr. Bennet by the father of Hiro Nakamura after she was supposedly killed in a fire.

Mr. Bennet holds on to her for safe keeping until she develops her powers and he's forced to help keep her away from his devious employers.

Claire Bennet Quotes

Sandra Bennet: You should know who you are, and know that it's enough. Because who you are is special.
Claire Bennet: About that... There's something I need to say. Something I never talked about because I thought it would upset you and Dad.
Sandra Bennet: Sweetheart, you can say anything to us. You know that.
Claire Bennet: I think I'm old enough for you to tell me who my real parents are.

I walked through fire and I didn't get burned.

Claire Bennet

Heroes Quotes

I'm back.

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Mohinder: (voiceover) There are many ways to define our fragile existence; many ways to give it meaning. But it is our memories that shape its purpose and give it context. The private assortment of images: fears, loves, regrets… for it’s the cruel irony of life that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil, success with disappointment… this is what separates us, what makes us human. And in the end, we must fight to hold on to.

Heroes Music

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Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys