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Throughout her days, Denise Sherwood hasn’t known much outside of Army life. Her father is from a long line of military men. Moving from base to base in her life has made forming friendships difficult for her growing up.

After marrying Major Frank Sherwood, a man who always makes her feel loved and protected, the often shy and reserved Denise finally stopped pursuing her nursing studies. But life has been far from easy since then.

Dealing with her husband’s deployments and their son Jeremy’s emotional problems (not to mention his decision to enroll as well) forced to Denise to search within herself for strength and courage she didn't know she had.

From her - and many others - we've learned that support from other Army wives doesn't hurt.

Denise Sherwood even found courage - thankfully - to pursue her nursing career again.

Denise Sherwood Quotes

Every mother is an idiot, every one else walks on water.


I keep thinking I got the X. In Shirley Jackson's story The Lottery, you know, where they stone the woman to death. Cause you never think it's gonna happen to you, and then you draw the X and you're the one.


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I've watched this show, from the first season, first day, I am dissapointed that the old Army Wifes are almost gone from the show, though, I do look forward to what the new Army Wifes are bringing to the show and where does Michael Holden fit in with all of it..


Anybody who misses Desperate Housewives should give this show a glance.


Though I consider this show an evening soap opera, I have fallen for the characters and storylines. I ordinarily do not watch this type of show, but these people are such great actors and actresses and do make the stories come to life. Great Show!

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