Another of the town's few non-genius residents. Jo is a tough, no-nonsense deputy of Sherriff Carter, with a love of all things “firearm”. She developed a relationship with Zane. Zane proposes to her in the Season 4 premiere. However before she can answer him, time is altered to where the two of them never dated, and in fact cannot stand each other. In the new timeline, she is Head of Security at Global Dynamics.

Josephina "Jo" Lupo Quotes

Jo: What'd ya do?
Fargo: I got rid of her. It's for the best. So... who wants breakfast?

Zane: Looking good Loop-o. I mean the new place. A little small though. Didn't know you were building a Tardis house.
Jo: A what?
Zane: Big on the inside, tiny on the... never mind.