Dr. Kayla Caroline Brady Johnson (born 1959) is a character on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. Kayla has been played by three different actresses:

  • Catherine Mary Stewart (1981-1983)
  • Rhonda Aldrich (1989)
  • Mary Beth Evans (1986-1992, 2006-present)


  • Shawn Brady (Father)
  • Caroline Brady (Mother)


  • Roman Brady (Brother)
  • Kimberly Brady (Sister)
  • Beauregard "Bo" Brady (Maternal Half-Brother)
  • Francois "Frankie" Brady (Brother, via adoption)
  • Maxwell "Max" Brady (Brother, via adoption)


  • Steven "Steve" Johnson (Married; second time)

Past Marriages

  • Jack Deveraux Sr. (Divorced)
  • Steven "Steve" Johnson (Invaild; first time)


  • Stephanie Johnson (with Steve Johnson)

Kayla Brady Quotes

Look, the last time either one of us was on a blind date it was like in a different century.


I'm just trying to figure out, is it leukemia or the Italian Academy of Dramatic Arts?


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Hope: Bo died. Did you know that? He had cancer. He died in my arms.
Aiden: Sorry.
Hope: He was held prisoner just like you were.
Aiden: Why are you telling me this?
Hope: Because a lot of things that I believed about my life turned out not to be true. Bo never stopped loving me and you only started to love me when you were paid a lot of money to do so. I don't know what to think about anything right now, and I don't want any pressure from you.

Chad: What do you think?
JJ: It's very risky.