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Michael Holden has been married to Claudia Joy Holden for 18 years. They met whilst studying at Harvard and are currently living at Fort Marshall.

Michael and Claudia Joy have two teenage daughters, Amanda and Emmalin.

Amanda was killed in a bombing that took place during the first season finale.

Currently holding the rank of Brigadier General - the post commander of Fort Marshall - Michael Holden was initially passed over due to false allegations of racism. He was eventually promoted to the rank after the previous Brigadier General retired following an aneurysm.

Michael Holden is a highly decorated soldier holding numerous awards.

Michael Holden Quotes

He's over there risking his life ... you know how I feel about this.


"There is a line that divides me as a soldier and you as a soldier's wife. You never crossed that line until now."

Michael [to Claudia Joy]