Kind -hearted Peter Petrelli is just trying to survive despite being in love with a woman who is in a relationship, having an overbearing older brother, and not getting support from his family for his chosen career path as a male nurse.

When Peter starts having dreams that he can fly, he does his best to coax his brother Nathan Petrelli that he is special. After a failed attempt, Peter realizes he has a different mission: Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

As Peter embarks on this journey, he learns that his powers extend far beyond flying and he may be the key to saving not just the world, but to saving all the heroes from the murderer Sylar.

Peter Petrelli Quotes

Simone Deveraux: You know, I don't know what he'd do without you - you've got a real gift.
Peter Petrelli: I just do my job.
Simone Deveraux: No, you're like a son to him.
Peter Petrelli: Yeah, but that'd make us like brother and sister and that might be a little awkward if I ever wanted to ask you out.

Peter Petrelli: I've been up here all night-thinking about this, thinking about my destiny.
Nathan Petrelli: What are you doing, Pete?
Peter Petrelli: It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!

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he should keep every ability he's gained along the way but at the same time there is no reason why he doesn't have his full power now. just like claude told him before, his body should remember how it did the things that it did. an artificial ability should not change his full potential. they need to make this right in season 5.


peter needs to come into contact with parkman's baby. hiro needs to tell him that's how he got his power back.


Well, i hope he gets all kinds of powers EXCEPT Mohinder Sureshs', LAUGHS ~


peter is cool i hope he gets his new power charged up by ando so he has his origial ability :)

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