Sylar, whose real name is Gabriel Gray, always wanted to be recognized as something special, but had resigned himself to life as a watchmaker. That is, until Dr. Suresh came into the picture. When Sylar showed no signs of special abilities, he was ditched by Suresh, but started his own mission searching for others with powers.

He quickly realized that if he killed people with special abilities, he inherited the powers, and quickly Sylar has found the recognition and self-worth he has been craving his whole life.

Quickly becoming a serial killer, Sylar is chased by the FBI, Dr Suresh's son Mohinder, and another unnamed agency that has long been tracing people with special abilities.

Sylar Quotes

Mr. Bennet: That's enough, Gabriel.
Sylar: My name is SYLAR!

When I was a kid... I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn't really my family. They weren't bad people, they were just... insignificant. And I wanted to be different. Special. I wanted to change. A new name, a new life. The watchmaker's son... became a watchmaker. It is so futile. And I wanted to be... important.


Heroes Quotes

I'm back.

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Mohinder: (voiceover) There are many ways to define our fragile existence; many ways to give it meaning. But it is our memories that shape its purpose and give it context. The private assortment of images: fears, loves, regrets… for it’s the cruel irony of life that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil, success with disappointment… this is what separates us, what makes us human. And in the end, we must fight to hold on to.

Heroes Music

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Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys