Loved, loved the pilot. BUT, we will be recording from "on demand", instead of watching the show as broadcast. The reason? Way too many commercials. Approximately 50% of the time slot is commercial, and that's being kind. It totally breaks up the narrative.

Ronald simkins
@ Judy

You do realize that what you think are commercials are actually part of the show?

7 Hopes for The Vampire Diaries Season 7

I think change is great. I like Matt, you always need to have a friendly human cop on your side when it comes to covering up the truth. Damon needs to be alone for a while or it makes his love for Elena superficial. Him and Bonnie should remain friends and she should get a new super cool romance going with a vamp hunter perhaps. Bonnie
and Kia could have had a romantic encounter if Damon had not killed him. I think Caroline and Enzo have better chemistry then her and Stefan. It is time for Stefan to have a relationship. Perhaps one of his mums friends might add a bit of excitement for him. Alaric needs a strong woman who can defend herself so she does not get killed. Poor guy keeps losing the love of his life. Would have been a twist to keep the twin witch babies alive so he could at least be a dad. They could have a unique gift that teleported them into teenage bodies so they could join the show with out having to be babies. Well that's my ideas for season 7. Look forward to reading all yours.😊


Vanessa is not selfish or stupid, I would choose a more distinctive word to like "ballsy" to describe her. She's a cool & fearless woman who cannot be intimidated by no one, not even Evelyn & her daughter Hecate. Her loyalty and honor to her dear friend Malcolm are more important to her. She values his friendship & the one she had with his daughter Mina, another helpless victim of the wicked demons. Vanessa is the face & personality of Penny Dreadful & the demons, under Lucifer's command, are after her soul. Remember she is fighting to save her life & keep her soul. Not an easy task. Wouldn't you say? With that said, of course the show is going to be more focused & oriented on her character. Common sense. Don't you think? That's obviously what the director & producer of the show wanted. Heeee heeee! Then again, what do I know.

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There were a whole bunch of names who should consider moving to TV. However a lot of these people are used to being paid BIG MONEY, and they won't get BIG MONEY by moving to Television. Some of them may find work by doing that.

Tyrant Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Faith

I so agree with Barry's family either being very bad actors or the writers need to improve upon their portion of the show. At this point I run to get my popcorn when they come on as their scene as are pulling the movies reality to an All time low budget cast. Molly is so unconvincing in all of her scenes. Wish they had replaced her with someone of substance.

Sarah silva

Once again Louis made me mad.
Also Donna, yes she is working for Louis now but she should still have some loyalty one way or another to Harvey and stopped Louis from doing what he did. Also did she really think that the firm paid her, what I am assuming is at least $100,000! No legal secretary makes that much no matter how great they are.
So will Mike leave and go work for Robert?
I love Gretchen and I love that Harvey hired her.
Jessica was great with Rachel but she is still too hard on Mike.
I would say be makes millions a year, not sure how many but ALOT.


I forget how much it was but I have the impression that when he had to do the "Buy In" to become a Partner he had no problem with coming up with the funds. As for Donna and subsidizing her salary, he needed her and the firm/Jessica was unable/unwilling to pay her what she was worth so he made up the shortfall.

Suits Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Compensation

Maybe I'm just not getting it, but I don't have a problem with Harvey paying Donna's salary and not telling her or even the circumstances in which he told her now. I think he didn't tell her for the same reasons many people don't tell someone they've done something outrageously generous: they don't want that person to feel obligated or uncomfortable. Maybe they don't want to affect the relationship by making it uneven or putting pressure on it. And all I saw Harvey telling her now is: "Louis has gone to these extremes because he is unwilling to do what I did for you or he is not man enough to tell you he can't." Which is true. I just love Louis, and, frankly, I'm getting tired of the writers taking him back to the same old place. It's become formulaic. They have an opportunity now for Donna to help him be a man instead of a weak, insecure, vindictive child, and still, they take him back to the same old formula: Louis wants to be good. Harvey is going through something, so he's a dick to Louis. Louis responds impulsively and rains fire and brimstone down on himself and everyone else. Yawn. How many times now have we been through this? The character development could be so much more.


I agree with everything. Molly and Barry are done. Him not calling or getting word t her is giving her a green light. Although people truely in love won't pick up a romance that fast. Plus her embracing her religion and him going back to his. Sianora to that marriage. No interest in Sammi. Didn't he blow off his father when he did I have his attention. What a spoiled brat. All about him. Ahmed is turning into a bigger idiot than I thought he was. So next week mama gets to introduce another of Jamel's accidents. Power struggle a new. Can't see how Barry is going to be able to fight Jamal without his identity being known. One other thing. I hate all of the commercials they are now almost half the show. Thank you for inventing DVR so I can FF.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 6 Clip

no clip? Maybe I need a more powerful computer like the Giant to run this complex software creating the invisible clip