Sorry but this is crap. Yes vampire diaries has slacked as of late but serious the 100 to Thursdays over tvd? Seriously they need to get rid of that show and focus on the better ones.

@ Ashley

I agree that TVD is stronger than the 100. The problem with TVD being paired with Legends of Tomorrow is that it skew female like 60%. Legends is expected to skew male like Flash and Arrow. TVD and Legends are incompatible. Guys watching Legends are bound to reject TVD. Supernatural would've been paired with Legends had it been stronger to survive another move. The 100 lucked out on being the only show compatible since it skew male.

Amy jackey

I knew Gigi was a goner since she gave the red devil that carving knife but I didn't know if the death scene was going to be off screen or on screen. But I didn't think anything about if Grace's dad was the father of the twins.


Do not cancel my two favorite shows, please!!!!!


Tara's parents need to pull their heads from their hind regions...

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 5 Review: How Does She Do It?

Speaking of friend zone, here's a song about it


I didn't think old LaSalle was that bad. More like young and hot- headed, and feeling powerless and overwhelmed by everything going on around him. It actually shows how much Pride has rubbed off on him over the years. Good episode.


I seemed to have enjoyed this episode more than many. I like how Bishop is handling her marriage woes - relatively calm and logical - although there is obviously a lot of pent up anger involved too. After all, she could have just blocked Jake's number rather than cut her phone almost in half with an axe!
I'm not quite getting everyone's gripe about Gibbs and Bishop acting the same. They are both introverts, so it would make sense that they both bottle things up and don't want to talk about their issues. That Gibbs is talking to Taft and obviously getting some benefit from it, and the fact that he wants Bishop to get that same benefit, does not scream at me that the writers are trying to make Bishop a mini- Gibbs. As for the potato thing, Bishop seemed to be better at it than Gibbs anyway!


1. What was your favorite part of the mid-season finale?
OMG Asher running over Sinclair made my jaw drop and so did the last 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!! 2. Was there anything about the episode that disappointed you? I agree with you ladies. What the hell was the purpose of Frank at the hospital and what has he done with Rebecca's body? 3. Asher has joined the murder club. React!
JAW DROP!!!!!!!!!! It will indeed be interesting to see how this plays out with him and affects his character! 4. The who shot Annalise question was finally answered. What did you think about the killer reveal?
As said, Wes is 2 for 2..........I was intrigued that they went with him doing it again. 5. We got some more information about the history between Wes and Annalise. Has your opinion about their connection changed?
I, too, am with Amanda.......Annalise isn't Wes' mother........I think her and Eve murdered Wes' mother and made it look like a suicide.... 6. How would you grade the first half of How to Get Away with Murder Season 2?
A- only because we don't know why Frank did what he did at the hospital and because we don't know where Rebecca's body is.........and you know that eventually that is going to come back and bite them in the ass....................

Castle Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Thing is, though, there is still time for there to be a day of reckoning. Just because he let her back in doesn't mean that it's over. A lot could happen after the break. As angry as he was when he confronted her, even after a night of bliss, there could still be "As much as I love you, Kate, I can't go through this anymore. Next time, there won't be a next time. No more secrets, no more lies, or we're over." Maybe that would bring her back down to earth, and if there is a ninth season, they can go back to being to cute couple we all know and love.


I am so glad that Carter is dead, I did not like him. I really hope that we will be seeing more of Oscar (tree tattoo guy). I like the actor, Fran├žois Arnaud, from his days on The Borgias. I kind of liked the kiss, but I am not sure that I want to see them become a couple. Patterson was great in this episode. We have to wait 96 days until the next episode...too long NBC!