Gossip Girl Promos: "Easy J"

Jenny comes on peace but then she discovers that chuck use her for the war and she gets mad whit the 2 of them and sends the blast to Gossip Girl about she and cuck...

Gossip Girl Review: Me Versus You. No Limits.

Ben cant be the guy from jail
1.- He could be out of jail know, but ben call before and he was alrready at jail and in jail they dont let you make phone calls and send txt´s.
2.- I do belive it could be her brother and not her boyfriend as i hayd before.
3.- The one that sayd that blair do not deserve chuck it´s not rigth she just did one single thing and chuck sell her and then run to sleep whith jenny. The one that do not deserve the other is chuck to blair


Juliet Works for MR. Van Der Woodsen
1.- Serena it´s the price
2.- Want´s to separate the Upper East Side
3.- If Juliet separates The Upper East Side S, B, C, N, D, Will not be a scheme.
4.- The only couple strong from the show Is LILLY and RUFUS
5.- Whe Dont know if juliet and the jail guy is her boyfriend or maybe her brother, let´s remember that in one episode she has a phone call from someone but in jaile they dont let you make or have phone call´s
6.- The guy from jaile could be someone that go down whit the surch from Mr. VDW I HAVE ALOT OF THEORIES AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM