I do like the upscale uniform look, but does anyone see where this could be going? She needs to trust a designer. Her worst enemy /at one point trusted ally happens to be a pretty decent one. HMMMM...


Serena thinking: I hope he called me maybe.


Serena: (thinking as she checks voicemail) I hope Carly called me maybe.

Carly:(thinking) I can't believe I took grammar advice from Serena VDW. Now my #1 hit title isn't even a proper sentence.


Ivy: Wow, Serena. Your dress is interesting... it's like fifty shades of Magenta

Serena: I thought it was " Fifty Shades of Grey."

Nate: Great book.

Ivy: You have actually read a book?

Serena: He doesn't have to... I'm going to be in the movie.


Ivy: So if you get drawn from the lottery, you have to go into an arena for a death match with the other tributes. She volunteers for the games to protect her sister.

Nate: Is this for real?

Serena: I feel so bad for them. We should start a Charity! I can plan the fundraiser tomorrow.

Nate: Sounds good. I'll go look for my date!

Serena: I'll go buy a dress.

Ivy: Um guys... oh never mind. Another UES party and possible plot line for me!


C: What big bangs you have, Nathaniel?

N: Better to seduce your wanna-be mother, Chuck.

C: What big brains you have, Nathaniel?

N: I don't get it.

C: Exactly


S: What do you mean "This isn't how you play telephone?"


Can you put me back on hold? That music was helpful, and I think I almost got it. ABC it's as easy as 1... 2......... damn.


L: so, did you get the job with Diana?
I: no, she gave my info to a friend. Something about my vocal stylings being more suited for 1-800-brothel instead.


B: gosh, these girls look so desparate. I mean look at that dirty blonde over there.
N: Which one? How do you know her? Can you get me an introduction?
B: I meant hair color, Archibald.