This episode was hilarious. I actually watched it twice. I like that the characters have evolved over the years. Penny sleeping with one of the friends was inevitable. It only makes since that it be Raj, because her sleeping with Howard would have made her character feel suicidal in the morning. heh! Some of the shows this season haven't been my favorite, but the way they wrapped this season up was brilliant. It must be hard for writers to write in 3 new characters and make it believable and realistic. But they did it quite well. TBBT is a frackin good show! P.S. I loved Berni's jab at Howard about his premature ejaculation.

Modern Family Review: "Good Cop Bad Dog"

Mitch is a very lucky man to have Cam care for him the way he does. And I wish that Mitch could be more caring. But that would mess with the show dynamic if Mitch were more caring, wouldn't it? This is probably in my TOP 5 TV SHOWS. I love this show. I wonder what the writers talk about when they are writing the script. I imagine it is crazy fights they have with their kids.

Chuck Review: Chuck, I Am Your Mother

This show has gotten really lame. It was incredibly interesting when it focused on the techy stuff. But the writers must have thought they could do better than the technical consultants they had for the show and shut them out. I think canceling this show is the best thing for Monday nights.
If I hear one more thing about Chuck's feelings, I'm gonna hurl. Plus, I'm tired of seeing Col. John Casey's character emasculated. Why does he have to play second fiddle to Chuck's ability to screw things up.
NBC, there is better work being done on less expensive shows to produce. Please find something better to put in Chuck's place. You might even sell the show to the Lifetime Network and get back lost revenue. You only have precious few prime time hours. Why waste it on this love fest?

The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Toast Derivation"

I don't think Penny needs to get back together with Leonard. But goffy is right. Leonard is only interesting when he is pining. It was a do-able episode. I'll keep on watching it. I think it will get better in coming episodes. It has too.
P.S. Amy Farrah Fowler is too funny! I think she makes a wonderful addition to the cast.

The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Cohabitation Formulation"

I like the chemistry that Sheldon and Penny have together, but Sheldon's snide comments towards her is keeping that from becoming anything serious. I agree that Amy is growing on me as well. She adds to the nerdy dynamic of the group with out going overboard. I have rooted for Wolowitz for a long time. I have secretly hoped that he would succeed despite Sheldon's abuse. I have for a long time thought that he is worthy of street cred. But Thursday night's episode has really shone his deep depraved loathing personal traits. Bernadette deserves better. Leonard is probably the character that keeps the group together. He is the sane person in the loony bin. But he is a limp noodle. HeHe. And I can't wait to see what happens next week.