great show...when there's this much suspense you know you have some great writers!

The Vampire Diaries Promos: "The Sun Also Rises"

best show ever.

The Vampire Diaries Review: Always Have a Backup Plan

ahh really great episode! def a damon fan! damon getting bit was a shocker to me but
I know he won't die off bc he makes this
show worth watching! maybe he will drink the
exilary and turn human! kinda like the book. (book
sucks) but what would happen to Jenna and Elena!?
Maybe Jenna will die. Hope not I don't like
To see anyone die off. Except that rose chick
She was getting way close to Damon! now Caroline and Matt. Not a fan. Tyler and Caroline
Perfect!!! loved when they were chained together and that
Cute ass smile Tyler had ahh! Stephan needs to man up he's to emotional. Yuk! Where's Jeremy and Bonnie! love them together!!! Elijah,,I like him so far. And for some odd reason I think
He will fall for Elena weird but possible! Katherine,,don't want her to be killed off..I rather
Her then Elena! Maybe she will end up with Stephan.
he doesn't deserve both..poor Damon :( this whole cast is hot! still looking for my own Ian somerhalder!!!!!

By The Light Of The Moon

Elena is stupid if she takes back Stephan. She belongs with Damon!

The Vampire Diaries Review: The Gilberts Go Rogue!

Ok,,I'm super excited Stephan and Katherine hookup.
I think Stephan Is still inlove with her.
Why else would he keep a picture of her!?
Plus I'm a Damon (so sexy!) fan!! Elena and
Damon will end up together in the end atleast I'm
Hoping. Elena is an idiot if she takes
Stephan back. Now Bonnie is really starting to get on my nerves
With this other warlock guy. She barely knows him
And she letting him in knowing she shouldn't trust
Anybody with everything going on. At the same time
Leading Jeremy on. I hope she regrets it and Jeremy
Finds someone else. Caroline and Tyler are perfect together even tho hes a wolf and she a vamp! --I just really want Damon to be happy he deserves it!