Criminal Minds Season 8 Report Card: B

-the two parted. Zugwag. And Restoration.
-Everything else? It's hard to pick bad episodes because most of the season just seemed mediocre. Like it drifted by. There was one that I fell asleep on because it was so confusing and uninteresting but I've blocked it out so can't remember the name.
-Rossi and Reid. Rossi was very supportive this season and Reid continues to mature.
-Blake. Here's the thing, I never liked Prentiss (or JJ) so it has nothing to do with that. Blake has no presence. At all. She's just ...there. I'd rather she not be. She's a colossal bore. It's not even that I dislike her. I just don't care..
-Strauss' final scene with Hotch. They've always had a tumultuous relationship so it was a beautiful closure.
-I'd like more character centric episodes. I'd love for Reid to actually be happy. The Maeve stuff was a tease and then she tragically got killed. I'd love a return of a past unsub. It'd be nice to see Jordan Todd again or Elle, connected to a case somehow.

Unlucky In Love: Our Advice for Emma Swan

I miss Graham. I thought August was a sure thing. Then I figured she had a weird and twisted chemistry with the Mad Hatter. Then there was Hook and Neal returned. I guess given the circumstances with some dead, others children and Sebastian Stan not coming back for the foreseeable future I'll go with Neal.


Trying to balance out their dramas with comedies is bold. Possibly dumb, but definitely bold. I think there is merit in sticking to what you do best. Like procedurals. While I'll definitely watch the entire prime time block on Tuesdays. I liked Person of Interest on Thursdays.


I agree that for this show the torturing was gratuitous, but I watch shows like Criminal Minds and The Following so it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I also agree that it was torture to leave us that way. Gah!! Deeks is my favorite character. I get the depth and complex nature of his character that some don't take the time to notice,like Tony on NCIS. It always frustrates me when despite everything he's always the butt of everyone's jokes, but Sam was brutal and unnecessarily cruel. I don't understand it. Goofball (though we know that's a façade) or not he's always been damn good at his job and never gave anyone reason to question that. I don't doubt he can withstand the torture because he's loyal like that. I'm under the impression Hetty split them up again after she let Deeks know that she was aware of his feelings for Kensi with that note.Loved the kiss. It was rushed and bittersweet but nice. Wonder if Michele will make it? Can't wait for next season.


-I am forever and always an Elijah fangirl. I enjoyed he, Klaus, and Marcel in this episode but Elijah was killing it. That freaking entrance...ripping the heart out and the way he adjusted his suit afterwards. The snarky comment about New Orleans. The pep talks. That air of confidence and nobility. Elijah is soo sexy.
-I feel like a horrible person, but I'm still actively wishing the baby isn't to be. Denial. Because that's what I'm in.
-Who? Oh yeah. You uh, were kinda...r.I.p
-sure. Either way both shows have to work to give her something but...Family is everything in The Originals.
-Marcel hands down. I am beyond intrigued.
-They did. I'm thrilled.


Thrilled for The Originals. Love Morgan and Gillies too much to not have them onscreen. I think pairing them up with TVD for some back to back action will be beneficial to both.


The only thing I absolutely abhorred about this was Hayley. No offense to Phoebe Tonikin but Hayley just isn't an interesting character. Not at all. I felt like they were forcing her to be relevant just because of who played her and now, now I totally did a facepalm. Daniel is amazing. Always. Elijah is easily my favorite character of the show and he could sell me on anything. As much truth and character introspection that came tumbling out of his mouth he could never convince me to be okay with this supernatural pregnancy. He just can't. The Mikaelson quest for love and family has always been what I've adored about them but using that to make us accept this Hayley stuff feels manipulative. I loved everything else though. Joseph Morgan's talent is unparalleled in my eyes. He takes me places and makes me feel things when I watch him. I loved the intro to Marcel. I feel like this can be a darker, deeper, more mature series compared to its origin. That's refreshing. I look forward to more.

Person of Interest Review: The Storm is Here

@Amanda I don't know if Carter and Reese have romantic tension, not to me anyways. There is a flirtiness and fun banter that they have. Unlike others I won't tell you you're imagining something just because you have a different perspective, and I'm sorry that others say as much. I have noticed the distance between Carter and John since the prison break. I don't like it either because they have such a fun relationship to me. I like seeing them interact. But there has been an overall distance between the cops and the vigilantes and I kinda hate it. It's like two different shows sometimes with Fusco and Carter in one part and Finch and Reese in another.I know I'm in the minority but Carter and Fusco are just and integral and intriguing to me as the boys. I have that there is a reason for that, but I miss those interactions. I'm typically indifferent with ships. I wouldn't hate Carter and Reese if done right. Just like I don't mind Zoe and John as long as it's subtle.


Yeah, I hated that this entire episode seemed orchestrated to let J Love sing...and sing....and sing. I hate the way she's been treating Evan. He's been her support and co-parent for over a year, he'd been an exemplary and involved uncle prior to that. She's trying to cut him out completely as though he hadn't been involved since the beginning. The kids notice that. Ugh she's being a pain. It isn't fair to her children that she's keeping him at bay like that. I actually like Evan's partner or whatever. I think shes good for him while Riley works out whatever she's doing with kyle, who I don't detest as much as I used to.

The Americans Review: Ultimate Sacrifice

Fantastic episode. It was definitely a more subtle more subdued episode. The emotions and tension for all the characters spoke for itself. It actually allowed the viewer to connect and mourn for these characters who died. That was brilliant and beautiful writing as a result. I did not expect Gregory to die anytime soon and it took my breath away when he did. Such an interesting character. I hated to see him go but I respected it too which brings about the wonder of amazing writing. Great writing allows one to relate and feel for complex characters whom we probably shouldn't relate to. I was sad for the loss of Gregory and the innocence of Vlad. This show is incredible.