Maybe I'm the crazy one - I think when Jude warned Lana about staring in the face of evil and Lana walked out of Briarcliff back in 1967 (or whatever year it was), she imagined the entire story in her head. Kind of like Pam Ewing waking up to find Bobby in the shower...

New Girl Review: Peace Pigeon

Max Greenfield really does deserve an Emmy. I totally agree with #joyeful's observation. My heart broke along with Schmidt's at the end! I'm ok with Nick being mesmerized by a stripper because I'm not ready for him and Jess to hook up. Or Schmidt and Cece to hook up. Maybe down the road, at the series' end, similar to how Friends ended. But NOT now!

The Good Wife Review: Cockroaches

I don't think Peter cheated again - I think something else questionable might have happened at that hotel OR one of Peter's rivals paid off the ditzy blonde to create a new cheating scandal.
Hazing story was so-so. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention but I didn't think the judge appeared THAT effeminate so I found the uncomfortableness of the attorneys using the word to be kind of lame.
Always LOVE to see more Cary, Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming!! Now we need a ballistics issue so Gary Cole can reappear as the object of Diane's lust... The bar scene with Maddie was REALLY forced and so uncomfortable - I hope it's revealed SOON what Maddie's game plan is. And Jackie, well, she's a total sh*t and deserves to hallucinate bugs! I don't envy Eli having to take Alicia's advice to make Jackie feel important again - GAG!

Nashville Music & Promo: What's Next?

I'm really liking this show - I hope I'm not the only one!!

Scandal Review: One Minute

@ASfandancer: ummm, hello...Since you dislike Scandal and don't want to follow the us, the lowly masses, why don't you explore this website and maybe you'll stumble over this...

New Girl Review: Who's the Sexretary?

I love Russell and Jess together because I think he's a good guy who genuinely likes her (not to mention he's pretty hot) and she has the potential to bring out the lighter side of him. I want to see Jess with someone who isn't a loser! Whether it's sustainable is questionable because she may be a little TOO over the top for him in the long run but, much like Cece and Schmidt, I think their relationship will be an interesting ride for the time it lasts. Now Cece and Schmidt - THAT'S just comic genius! more, More, MORE please!!! I'm glad the writers are loosening up with Nick because his sad grumpy demeanor was wearing thin. Love Winston and Shelby, they keep the show grounded while still being fun characters. I thought this was a 5-star episode!