Could the white card be a gps card for Bishop to keep track of Lana

Scandal Review: By Any Means Necessary

I first thought of Millie ordering the hit on her husband, but thought if she did would she be dumb enough
to walk with him?

Scandal Review: Intuition

I don't think the first lady had anything to do with shooting. If she knew about it, why would she put herself and baby in harms way?
Love this show, BUT, sometimes they all talk too fast, one after the other, can't make anything out. Very annoying.


No one on the list of predictions. Ick.
There are no comedy shows worth watching.
If I had to pick a name, Brick from The Middle

Criminal Minds Review: In Bad Company

Used to love Criminal Minds. Cant watch it anymore.
Last one I watched, girls were being disemboweled(sp)?
Too sicko for me.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

I think Ducky will be Jimmys best man.

NCIS Review: A Bounce in His Step

I like Gibbs and Ryan together. Didn't care too much for last nites
epidode tho. A little confusing at imes.