Body of Proof Review: "Society Hill"

You need to go back and watch old episodes of Quincy - with Jack Klugman! The original investigative medical examiner!

Desperate Housewives Review: "The Lies Ill-Concealed"

I agree the episode was a little slow and although I understood Lynettes frustrations, I don't know why she would expect to be included in the meetings but the "scheduled activities" were a little step ford.
I do wish everyone, including the show, would stop saying that Andrew killed Carlos' mother- yes, he hit her with the car, but she actually died from a fall down the stairs at the hospital for which Gaby received a settlement for negligence. This show cultivates loyal viewers who know all the secrets, so don't get sloppy with the past now.

Top Chef Review: Who Went Home?

To say it's "tough for women on top chef" is an understatement! While I love this show and watch it faithfully, it seems women are treated as "less than" consistently. I feel this is a prejudice carried over from the real world in which they work. Women rarely win a quick fire or elimination challenge and are typically portrayed as bitches (Tiffany) or less skilled than their male competitors. Mike is not a better chef than Antonia, his dish was not better or as creative, and he had several miss steps along the way. When is the last time a woman was in the final? Tiffany? Come on Top Chef!