Beautiful episode. I'm so excited we got to see Cristina and Burke team up again; easily the pairing with the greatest chemistry in the show's history. Even though it was sad that Burke had moved on, the closure that this episode gave them was much much better than where they had left things. I don't know about Cristina's perspective but she was Burke's love of his life and he gave her everything she ever was sad and glorious and such a fitting ending for their love story.

Grey's Anatomy Review: All About Cristina

I really liked the episode. It provided us with Cristina's POV and it gave a beautiful closure to her and Owen. Not that it's not sad that they can't be together.I shipped Cristina&Burke very hard and after he left i was sure i wouldn't accept her being paired up with anyone else, but her relationship with Owen was honest and loving and just beautiful.It just wasn't meant to be forever.

Haven Review: A Brilliant Twist!

Definetely the best episode of S4. I also especially enjoyed the parallel scenes between William/Lexie&Duke/Jennifer. I like Jennifer a lot and i keep wondering how she's connected to ''Audrey''. Maybe like there's a person handling the Troubles, there's also another connected to the barn...always. Maybe Jennifer was sb else before too and her ability wakes up when ''Audrey'' needs to leave the barn. I'm also sad William couldn't follow Lexie, but i'm glad she didn't choose to be Audrey. The point of the character is to be always-changing.Of course, i don't know why she would want to be Lexie the most.I'm kind of bummed we still haven't any clues about who she actually is. Come's S4 already, we've seen how the barn's high time we learnt the backstory.
Why did everyone expect that Audrey would still be Audrey?


1) She was as i expected her...blunt, not-trusting. I do like her chemistry with Ichabod.
2)He better not be part of the Army. I expect a lot more creepiness from the members of the Army and i expect them to be harder to beat. I didn't die about the sandman sl, but it was good enough to make us more familiar with the Mills sisters relationship and backstory. I still don't understand why they have the creatures speaking greek...they're not even ancient greek to say they're trying to add points of mysticism. Why does the sandman choose to speak modern greek? He's horrible at it...wouldn't latin be easier for the actors?
3)Army of evil sounds cool, but i miss the headless horseman. This is Sleepy Hollow after all.
4)I'm pretty set on Irving being evil. Being part of a dark coven is possible
5)I really liked the Shaman..would it be much to hope for a bromance to bloom between Ichabod and him?


Eeehm...i did like the premier a lot...but there's sth i don't get. Why did Silas made sure to put Stefan away if he was to reveal himself right away?

Haven Review: A Blast from the Past

It was a good episode and i liked both of the new additions to the cast.Also i want Lexie to stick Lexie. I want to experience how different it will feel interacting with everyone when she's in that particular mindset and i want to see how Nathan and Duke will adjust to the change.
About the ''killing her true love'' stuff...ehmm..i'm not so sure. It makes it seem as if the troubles are somehow ''magically'' originated and i thought the nature of the show was sci-fi. Also Nathan was Audrey's true love (maybe...) and Sarah's (okay, definetely) but not the person's that actually hides behind those identities. But i really, really hope that the resolution and the explanation of Audrey's mission will go beyond the trope of the ''power of true love''. I have OUAT for that.


1) Αll the scenes were ships got together. Klaus and Caroline's (!!!!!!!!), Damon and Elena's, Matt and Rebekah's. They were all long awaited and beautifully directed.
2) It might be fun...i guess. I'm not sure she'll make a good human.
3) A f.c. ticket to New Orleans...beacause i'm not as selfless as Klaus is.
4) It's not a matter of making the right choice. She chose to be with the on she loves and that's how it should be...if it's right or wrong only time will tell.
5) Please stay dead. And wtf did she brought Jeremy back? I like the guy but come on...4 seasons were enough. Another character should get a chance. Lexi!!!!! Alaric...if Davis wanted to.
6)It was an awesome cliffhanger but i don't get why Silas got rid of Stefen. Why does Silas care to be close to the company?..especially now that Bonnie is gone.


1)Damon and Alaric's scene when they were getting rid of Silas' body. Of course every scene with them was doing strange things to my heart, but at that scene they felt so much like the hot, alcoholic duo we all love and miss that i couldn't help but tear up. Plus the..''get the girl'' line... This bromance will be one for the ages!!!!
2)Alaric!!! But Lexi's was a pretty emotional comeback too. The look on Stefan's face... I was hoping for Anna to appear too...well...maybe next episode.
4)Well,here's to hoping. I would tell them to try out Sophie from the Originals...i already like her better than Bonnie...but i'm saving her for Elijah.
5)Stefan 6)I want the cure for Rebekah but i see it having sth to do with the walking dead member who will stick around for fall (Lexi plz????)


I loved the episode, even though if there was one fairytale character i was looking forward to, that was Peter Pan. I had this perfect, little fantasy in my head of a Peter/Wendy reunion in Storybrooke. Well...we might still get to see Peter Pan...Bael obviously stayed young for a long, long time so at some point he must have left Hook's crew and become a Lost Boy. Or the leader of Lost Boys...therefore Peter Pan himslef.
Anyway...what's worrying me the most is that with Bael gone Gold won't be a hesitant to harm Henry. Can Belle come back like...right now? Because he really, really needs her. And i don't feel that Lacey's falling for Gold...not even for his dark side.She doesn't feel like Bad Girl Lacey to me...more like Sociopath with manic tendencies Lacey.
Neal alive! I'll guess fairytale land...maybe Mulan's there to give him a hand?

Once Upon a Time Review: Killing Magic

Good episode.
Operation Praying Mantis was the cutest! I want more Emma/Henry stake outs!!!
The flashback was ok. But it really makes Regina's case all the more complicated. I mean...for some time i thought Regina's endgame was redemption. But we've seen in flashbacks and now in the present that Snow gave her many second chances and showed forgiveness and understanding and yet Regina couldn't see beyond her ways. I don't know what could possibly happen to help Regina change...Henry doesn't seem to be enough.
Still hate Greg and Tamara. I just have this feeling that their mission will be as stupid as their taser.