POLL: Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

How the hell am I supposed to choose between Booth and Bones, Kensi and Deeks and Tony and Ziva?!?!

Body of Proof Review: House of Horrors

I'm thinking that Peter and Megan need to get together. They would be soooo sweet. I mean, the way he has given her advice about Lacey is just awesome.

Bones Round Table: "The Memories in the Shallow Grave"

I think we need some Booth/Parker/Expected baby moments. I mean come on, that kids has gotta have some part of Booths life, right? Or now that he's got baby with Brennan he's forgotten all about Parker?

NCIS Spoilers: A Surprising Return By ...

Right. Ziva becoming team leader? Not gonna happen. She's barley out of her Probie pants (and this is coming from a hard core Ziva and Tiva fan). Tony will be team leader after Gibbs, but I doubt we will get to that stage until the very, very end of the series. People dont have problems when the team disobey orders because they are either, a, obeying orders from another source, b, acting on 'gut' instinct, or c, to save the life of someone else. I personally don't like E.J just because I have never liked people like her, on both T.V shows and in real life. Not because she is a threat to Tiva or anything else. And btw, all the people that I know that love Tiva are all between the ages of like 14-25 and go to school. And lets face it, how many guys actually go, 'oh I think I'll pick the chick who has a better personality over the hot one'? And E.J won't join Gibbs' team because it would change the entire team dynamic. You can;t just willy nilly chuck people into teams like theirs, it takes a hell of alot more time and patience.

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