Holy Hotness: Vampire Diaries Stars Cover EW

Holy gods of Sex and hotness! How amazing they! Look! On the combine picture how amazing they look ! ( Okay Nina's face got a bit changed, done over)!
Like the Stelena pic a bit more!

Who Will Die on Gossip Girl?

Remember that they announced the comeback of Serenas Dad is it possible that Mr. Van der Woodsen is get flipped out of his shoes! Hopefully there is a killer and not a tragic accident!
Maybe G will kill someone who discovered who she is!

Who Will Die on Gossip Girl?

I think Serena is going to die! Hopefully cause they destroyed her character, and I don't see a happy ending for her!


Silver/Navid storyline! Greg from the begging was a rebound and I get why she thought to go back him! On the other hand Princeton YES! He leaves! YES! And eventually when he comes back they CHANGE ACTORS!
Big Arielle fan, from Gilmore days over to VD! And she plays the ambitious sweet GF very well! Glad she is there!
Ivy and her new guy! I liked him appearing and the whole message he was spreading! Art is alive!
Dixon and Ade's story real well done, a couple which works on their problems!


I miss the whole College experience the whole gang misses it and I hoped Naomi at least would have more troubles with it! On the other side I love the hilarious scenes they are pulling of with her!

Ringer Review: So Your Mom Was a Bitch Too?

Who can not love this show!? Yes it is pulled a bit over the edge(unrealistic) but this episode proved it right that lie's, can't hold up forever!! I was really stunned, when Machado walked into the restaurant! Really thought they are putting all cards out! But No Siobhan is a naughty little Liar( maybe she is "A"). Machado kicking that guys ass so he would talk!
The so Called Mother! gives all the characters a different dimension! and can't wait for her to comeback!
Bridget being a detective and getting on the lead to the solve the mystery! Piece by piece we get a story!
Oh Henry sweetheart U got Ur self a drama with that Ho-Bag!
I was an non believer in the Juliet case! But Relly surprised the prof did it!

Hart of Dixie Review: Love and War

Positive things:
-Zoey,she is such a fragile women!So Damaged,the way she was afraid of stepping up with Jadson!But so funny as well!
-Zoey/Wade scene/sheeming!Really amazing!I laugh really loud!
-Diddy and Lavon!Both of them are hilarious! Together or alone, they rock the scenes they act in!
-Lemon sheeming!She is amazing!She is the only one who bitches things up!
-The kick ass bitch Wade is together with!
-The raft slowly created between Lemon and George!
-Rose!Love that girl she can act!
-Losing the constant! Why put Zadson together,than split them up in the next episode!
-And the Triangle/Wade,Zoey,George/ do they exist or just appear when the writers need it!

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Backup Dan"

1.Quote! She still married the TWERP! G rules!
2.Dair?Who doesn't love Dair!? That are the best written scenes in this season ! There fight in the Hotel, was a married couple fight LOVED IT!
The whole CHAIR story is over pushed! Since he slept with Jenny they aren't what they was before!
4.Rufus or Elenor! Rufus was never the good in fooling people but he is to honest!
5. Georginag RULES -We all love Georgina, and this is a nice change for start! Can't wait for the real GG to appear again! ;)
6. Dan step up!!!
I loved his fight with Blair! They connected on so many levels, and hopefully he listens to her and cuts his hair! ;) And he will be there for her!
7. Lola? - She is just so innocent and sweet! But what is behind that! Why is she lying her mother!? What is her mother thinking what happened to her!? The only intriging story!
P.S. My Question is what happen with Diana? She should've appeared by now!

Gossip Girl Spoiler Pics: Major On-Set Kiss!

GG showed all this years that even when someone are so much in love like Chuck and Blair are that LOVE sometimes isn't enough! When real Charlie appeared Saffran said that they were somewhere around 5x17, 3 weeks ago! So this is around 5x21 maybe even season final doesn't know how much they need to shot eps! Interested how they will go from this current state to this public kiss! A time jump would be nice, maybe after this Valentine ep! BTW I'm huge Dair fan! And I'm LOVIN THIS!

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "If/Then"

1. Scene: the one were Mer and Xtina saved Lexie and the one Alex was crying in! :D just GA style!
2. Waste of time ? are U kidding me! it was great, the episode had something the show lost since the mains become Residents! THE TENSION! To not know how will it end! Shonda in "real life" hasn't any curve balls to throw at them but how many storylines I saw in this 40 minutes!
3. Elis Grey Webber! She is amazing, she changed the whole dynamic of the show, she had such a big influence on every single character.
4. Fake or Real! If u asked me a year ago (shity second half of season 7) I would say FAKE! Cause there I see the chance to fix the shit they made! But season 8 RULES! So it's OKe!
5. Bring Elis Grey back! She died 3 seasons to early,at least!