True Blood Promo: What's Ahead?

seems like an amazing season. But I just hope they don't overpush it with so many stories.
Bill and Eric, Tara and Pam, Pam and Eric, Laffayett and wicca buissnes, Jason and jessica and Gay Vamp, wolfes and shifters, The creepy guy from S3, Terry and Patrick and Fire starter. And Sookie and all of that. A bit to much happening.
And than they have just 12 eps to make it happen.

True Blood Review: A Case of Anemia?

a SOLID episode:
Tara Story- I love the solution they brought for her. She hate her being weak so HER being strong will change things. Loved the flashback to their childhood days.
Laffayet- I want him to raise and kick some major ass. I was really sad when he spoke to Hesus.
Reverent Newbie V- There were no sign of him being Gay and this is just pulled around so he can stalk Jason around.#BadWriting But the Jessica appearing and ass kicking just perfect! Jason being the sucker in Love is kind of IRONIC. Nasty orgy.
Terry-Patrick story- seems like he was a KILLER down there. and Patrik has a supernatural background and I wanna know what.
Bill and Eric or Eril or Biric- Nora and Eric are steamy.But it's nasty that they call each other Sis and Bro.
Sam story- Sam is my fav character and he has gone a long way since season 1. But he always bangs the best chics in the block(Luna is wOw). It was so shity to eat the body.


maybe Mike Colter! loved him on Ringer.
Her dad has to be a strong but calm person. a good roll model!
and hopefully they introduce more witches, really strong sexy witches to the show. someone who won't lick V a**!


1. Scene
The opening! It showed that the Mona thing left scars and that they aren't okay. Aria's bathroom panic attack was solid as well.
Let's say What Mona was looking at. Currently I can't tell is she playing crazy or is she crazy.
Garret! when did he become such a wusss!?
From the Liars it's Aria. she is scared to death and I hope they play with it.
4. who is "A"?
it will probably be a team A. the writers are currently leading into Lucas. But I think he was just used one or 2 times by her.
I'm heading with a other male-lover-let down of Ally.
5. Ezria.
I really don't care about Ezria and it is the worst couple ever. Let's talk about Soby or Canna!? that are amazing couple.


I must go with Revenge! Even when I'm disappointed how the DEmily thing ended! It should be more drama than 1 conversation.

Emily Owens, M.D.: Extended Preview

I like the chemistry in this show. But they need to step it up a bit! It has solid potential. and it's nothing like GA it goes it's own way!


I like the story JP is putting out but I WANNA see it on screen. there is where her stories have loose ends.
I want Elena SOLO! Without this triangle mess, to develop! But it seems like JP can't pull it off! She will be a Vamp, but weak at first! Interested how will they portray it and will her Alaric practicing skills come as a + now!
They have so much material but ain't playing it at all. Hopefully Claire Holt stays as SR!

Arrow Sneak Preview: Extended! Awesome!

Nice preview again! This seems to be a pretty awesome show. Love the twist between Cassidy and Amell! he cheated with her sister who died on that boat! and her sister can be the real Black canary depending where the show will head!
AND Cassidy and Amell have clearly chemistry! I will be watching it! :D

Pretty Little Liars Review: Game On

Lovin it! A really great episode! and these 4 girls are so perfect I LoVe them
Aria- she being paranoid is completly understandable. and I really enjoyed her in the bathroom scene being all i'm gone die
Emilly- was really impressed by SM performance. she was always a beautiful but bland actress. today she won me completly over!
Spencer-Neurotic as always, enjoyed her drulling over Tobby. who wouldn't?
Hanna- Oh sweet Hanna. My fav PLL. her naive nature and easiness to act is making her really enjoyable to watch.
Team A- nice played ! I mean it was obviously a set up, but the girls didn't thought about it!
A perfect opening, for the Bitchest season of all! we all are Pll's!


They can go and throw Chair of a cliff, and we can be happy!#chairhatter