The Mentalist Review: More Than One?

Good episode. I hope the quality keeps up.


@wizardrunner, series have been shelved before showing even one episode.

Agents of SHIELD Round Table: "0-8-4"

2. Tone it down
3. Coulson doubts her/playing a long con
4. Fury was a gimmick.
5. I'd rather neither had a romantic relationship with her.

Scandal Review: Can You Handle This?

The plotting is becoming very irritating.


1. I like her.
2. I thought he wasn't Army of Evil. Good. Sandman didn't die. Sandman was defeated.
3. I like it.
5. Ichabod/Jenny meeting.

The Bridge Review: "The Crazy Place"

It's an ok episode but a poor finale.


It's better than the first episode.


It's better than the premiere. Good storyline start and spin on the case of the week. Carter's new partner is a HR plant.


1. When Jane mentioned the sign because I realized he'd solved it at the beginning/ending
2. Yes/No.
3. Yes/No
4. No.
5. Warning.
6. I won't speculate. I'll just be happy to find out.


@Carissa, I read other people's comments about it and that's why I noticed.

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