Who Should Replace Christopher Meloni on Law & Order: SVU?

I too think that no one can replace Meloni similar to how there was only one Perry Mason. However, I disagree with the "NBC should hire him back" comment. Sometimes when celebrities achieve their fame, their egos become too inflated and even when offered more money than many of us will ever see in our entire life time, they decide to play the bluffing game, holding out for more money and the station will not fall into their demands. I agree that "NBC is not the enemy". Celebrities get greedy and if every television show gave into their greed, there would be no money left to broadcast television. I know this through second hand experience because I worked for Clear Channel Radio and radio personalities Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw turned down a 6 million dollar contract a few years ago so they were dropped. They should cut the greed and enjoy their profession. I wont be watching the reinvented SVU but knowing that he has turned into a greedy actor, I probably wouldnt watch it even if they hired him back.