Irene magr
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Andy's assistant is in his office, sitting on Andy's chair, playing Penny Can while Andy is away. He doesn't realize that Andy is coming back to his office with Bobby. Andy yells at him, while Bobby compliments him for his last shot, much to Andy's disappointment. When they leave him alone for siesta time, he begins to dream... He and Bobby are playing Penny Can on Bobby's boat, when Bobby says he invited over Andy's assistant. Andy pretends to be ok with that but he's secretely hurt and jealous.
The day after, at night, before leaving, Andy calls in his assistant and makes sure no one's around. There's a spooky music and a close up shows Andy's eyes on fire! When the assistant arrives we see Andy closing the curtains (from the outiside) and all we hear is Psycho's music.
The following day Bobby unexpectedly shows up at Andy's office and Andy gets nervous. He gets ready to go out for lunch and he doesn't notice that Bobby is snooping around. Just when Andy is ready to leave Bobby finds some blood on the side of the desk. The Psycho music starts playing again and they exchange scared looks. Silence. A disappointed and hurt Bobby runs away and shuts the door. Andy is in despair. Suddenly he hears someone knocking on the door 'Mr. Torres, can I come in?' (his assistant's voice). Andy turns around and suddenly wakes up. He sees his assistant and his face lightens up! Eventually he hugs him.