Glee Casting for HUGE Guest Star, Football Recruiter

If they bring Bieber onto the show I'll be forced to stop watching it, and I really don't want that.

Glee to Introduce Major Character's Mother, Reality Show Winners

I've mentioned this before but LISA KUDROW HAS TO PLAY BRITTANY'S MOTHER.

Vanessa Lengies Cast as Spoiled Sugar on Glee

Never, because they're terrible together.

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: A New Roommate for Sheldon

Amy, Raj or Penny, in that order of likeliness. They introduced Amy's apartment for the first time in the last episode, so I guess there could be a reason behind that. It would make sense for Raj and Leonard, or Priya and Sheldon to switch apartments. If that would happen, it would probably be Sheldon and Raj in their current apartment - remember Sheldon's discomfort at the 'left-over radiation from luminous clock dials' when he temporarily moved out to keep Penny's secret about not graduating from community college from Leonard?
Penny might be a good choice, however seeing as she only has one bedroom I don't see how that would work out. Unless Penny and Leonard switch, and Priya moves into Penny's old apartment with Leonard.
It can't be Howard, he's engaged so I'm assuming that he and Bernadette will (eventually) move into their own apartment. I REALLY don't see Bernadette functioning well under Howard's mother's roof. A teeny tiny part of me wishes that something weird would happen, and it would end up being Will Wheaton or Barry Kripke. That would be hilarious!

Glee Review: Duet To Me One More Time...

Four words: LISA KUDROW, BRITTANY'S MUM. That would be so unbelievably amazing, the two do look extremely similar (go back to the episode where she and Kurt and making out - straight-haired Brittany is like a mirror image of Lisa from the early seasons of Friends.) Also having Julie Andrews as Kurts grandmother would be awesome, although I doubt it considering she can't sing anymore.