Dang it Ashley....now I'm going to have to go back and watch season 5 again. I scared and feel bad for Juicey too. He's just lost and pitiful. When Jax told Juice to kill that girl I knew then Juice would never regain his name in SAMCRO. Jax showed us then that he didn't have any respect for Juice. Tig is a close second.

I want Jax and Tara to be okay, but I know they're not. One of the best things about this series is watching them fall in love. I love how he will do and has done anything her. Heck.......I fell in love with him and he a fictional character.


@Rowdy, I forgot about the Outsiders. I was thinking Soul Man.


Last night was a shocker. Jax is getting darker and darker. By the end of the season he's going to be Clay. I know Nero, Gemma and Chibs knew Jax was lying, but he was so convincing. That's when I knew he was going "bad".

Poor Juice, now I wish they would have killed him. I can't stand to see him being used this way. He may try to kill himself again, and succeed this time around. Tig......go ahead and turn him over to Pope's right hand man b/c Tig is being treated like shit too. Jax talks to him any kind of way. It's sad.

Nero is going to break away from SAMCRO. He has to. Hopefully he'll see Gemma for what she really is.

I don't know what Tara's plan is but she has something up her sleeve. I don't think it's divorce, but who knows with Sutter. I just want her and Jax to be in love again.

I think something happened to her in jail. The brother had Otto raped he may have had someone rape her. That may be why she didn't want to see Jax and why she was crying when they were making love. The rape angle is just a hunch.....don't hold that against me. Calm down!

Just wondering......They don't think the police will find it odd that the school shooter's mom is missing.......IJS


Last night's episode was interesting. Not as exciting as I thought it would be, but entertaining. The whole Otto situation is.....well.......let's just move on. I hate Jax cheated on Tara. I liked that his character didn't run around with other women. I hope this was a one time deal. Hopefully he'll be able to keep business/personal in its perspective.

Clay is in a tough spot. Not sure how I feel about him right now. Tara may not get out on bond when they find out she has beat the crap out of another inmate.

They need to get rid of Tig/Juice. Jax has no respect for them and Tig is an accidenet waitng to happen. He should have died in jail, not Opie.

Still love Nero.....and Gemma?....well....Gemma is just Gemma......PURE EVIL!!

The school shooting was a shock. Can't wait to see how that plays out.

Great show!!!......no matter what happens, always a FAN!


I love the flashbacks. You learn so much about the characters and how they came to be. This season's flasbacks have been so enligihtening. Even though the relationship (Fitz/Olivia) is forbidden I enjoy seeing how it has progressed. I love this show.

I think Hollis is behind the president's assassination. That man knows no bounds. I want them to get rid of the Vice President too. I don't care for her.

This season needs to end with Hollis being exposed.


My favorite scene was Tara telling Gemma she was leaving then grabs her throat, and Gemma telling her she hoped she wasn't pregnant after punching her in the stomach. The grossest scene was Otto bitting his tongue off. I screamed! Tara getting arrested was a shock, but I knew Eli was coming for her when he knocked at the door. I think Jax can redeem himself as president. He's made some good decisions to benefit the club. They can't overlook that.

This season was an "A+". I'm still waiting on another SHOCKER like the season 3 finale. That's still my favorite. I think all the seasons have been great. Season 3 was my least favorite with the exception of the finale.


Where do I begin?....... I loved last night's season finale. I really didn't care if Tig lived or died, but I guess I'm glad he's still around. I hate Clay, but my heart went out to him a little. I think his silence was his expression of hurt feelings. Juice may just kill himself and succeed this time around. I'm glad Pope is gone. I'm also glad Nero is still in the picture. I love him. I wonder will he still want Gemma when he finally meets the real Gemma. She's a force to be reckon with. She's a Bad B@$%^#! At first I thought she set up Tara, but after reading your comments, I'm doubtful. Tara may just play her last and final card, telling Jax the role Gemma played in JT's death. That's who I want to die, GEMMA! She'll probably be the last one standing season 7, when it all comes to an end. Now the waiting begins.........Until next season, later gang. R.I.P Opie....


I think season 5 has been great so far. I am hoping for a surprise ending like season 3. I want Clay to die, but last night my heart went out to him. Clay Morrow (one of the original 9) stripped of his patches and blacked out. Poor Juicy, was the gun a set up?

What Jax did to Wendy was horrible. I really thought he was going to kill her, but I guess he took pity on her because she is his son's mother.

I think Tara will be upset when she finds out what he did. When season 6 starts she will have beat the conspiracy charge and living in Providence with "her" boys. She will probably leave Jax.

I hope Jax can forgive Bobby. I love him. @ Chili (I love Happy too). He's wild!

I think Gemma went to see Nero to say goodbye. She may follow Clay to Belfast. Stranger things have happened. I hope Clay doesn't kill Nero.

I think Jax has a plan up his sleeve. He's not handing Tig over to Pope. He's smart and a thinker. He'll find a way out, somehow. I wonder will Pope survive the season finale.

I can't wait until next week. I just hate we have to wait almost a year for the next season. I wonder how much time will pass between seasons this time.


Everyone has made some interesting points. I never thought Tara would die this season or any other season, but now I'm not so sure. Y'all have got me thinking.
Clay will probably be around until season 7. Him and Gemma. I want her to be with Nero, but he may die too. I felt for him Tuesday night. I think he really cares for Gemma.
I hope Jax doesn't lash out at Bobby for talking to Clay. He's still looking out for Jax.
No one has said anything about this, but I'm ready for Otto to die.


3) I don't think should have killed that guy (make cause problems in the future), but I understand why.
4) I don't know. He may be playing them because he knows they are playing him. It's hard to tell. This show is getting so crazy. Since the season finale of season 3, I don't know what to expect (still my favorite).
5) At first I thought he would, but again, not sure. Probably not because Tig is a brother, but he did spark the whole thing with Pope.

Can't wait to see how the season will end!