Year in Review: Best New Show of 2012

new drama: elementary
new comedy: go on
how these 2 shows weren't mentioned, I have no clue. but they should do a list of the best tv bromances. Hawaii five-O's steve & danno would win hands down

Person of Interest Review: Love and Death

I have a question for the editor, sean. Where are the quotes for the week, cus there were some good ones?

Danny & McGarrett Chaperone

Is that Danny wearing a sweater? W/out a tie?

The Voice Results: Who Made the Top 6?

well done america, you just eliminated the best singer in the competition... Bam Bam Belew. I mean did you guys not watch the episodes where he sang jolene & one more try? cuz he killed those tracks. he'd still be in this if it were up to the coaches & not americans who can't recognize talent. the president isn't elected by us, he's elected by the electoral college, the people who know what they're talking about. why can't the same principle apply here? oh well, now we need either cassadee or melanie to win. come on america, do it right this time!

The Voice Top 8 Review: Nick's Knack

am I the only one who thought cody was amazing? It was my favorite performance of the night & he needs to win this thing. Here's my rankings:
1. cody
2. cassadee
3. amanda
4. melanie
5. dez
6. trevin
7. nicholas
8. terry

TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: Giving Thanks

I am so thankful for Hawaii 5-0. for a few reasons:
1. the bromance
2. the kick ass fight scenes
3. the compelling cases
4. the core 4 teamwork (steve, danno, chin, & kono)+ max
5. the phrase book em danno

The Voice Top 10 Review: Cassadee-lightful

ok. am i the only one who doesn't like nicholas that much? i mean he has a nice voice, but his performances all sound the same to me. plus,he's just not as good as the other contestants. and what's with you people trashing on Bam Bam Belew? sure this wasn't his best performance,but it was really entertaining & i think he could win the whole thing. PS i thought blake sang christina's song better than she did PPS did any one else think adam looked especially sexy this episode? O dear lord he looked fine!!

Person of Interest Review: Finch's Anatomy

did anyone else notice that reese & finch took leon outside with the bag on his head in broad daylight? I mean the director really should have caught that

Hawaii Five-0 Review: Borrowed Time

Ok. I got something to say for all you Danny haters out there who think he's just a nagging wife. Let's examine this poor guy's life shall we. First, his best friend dies in an undertow trying to save him. Then on 9/11, he's interrogated & tortured & watches his own partner get shot & killed. Then he has to move Hawaii to b w/ his daughter after a nasty divorce (which consisted of 2 custody agruments). Next Danny loses his friend Mecca.Then Danny's only brother goes into hiding. By the end of season 1, Danny becomes exposed to sarine & almost dies. In addition, he thinks he's reconciling w/ Rachel but it turns out the baby's Stan's! Next, he fails to save the woman who saved his life, Jenna Kaye & almost loses Steve's. Danny also helps deliver his ex wife's baby that isn't his. Then Danny has to save Grace when she's kidnapped by his expartner who killed a friend of his. At the end of season 1, he's captured by feds! To top it all off, he's almost killed by a bomb. If it were me I wouldn't be able to handle life half as good as he does so I am totally fine with a little nagging.