Isaiah Washington Criticizes Brooke Smith Firing

This is all my personal opinion.. Everybody deserves a second chance. So if Burke were to come back I would be sooo excited.. It would definetly help the show.. These days missing Grey's Anatomy on a thursday doesn't bother me.. I feel like I'm not missing anything.. Which is very sad.. I applaud IW for commenting.. He could've said far worse.. They fired him for a gay slur.. They fired her for playing a lesbian pretty much.. But T.R. Still has a job... but we don't see T.R. On screen we see George O'Malley. And I love him lots.. They should really consider bringing burke not IW back for a couple of episodes.. I don't care what everyone else says he was a big factor of the success the show has... The 1st 3 seasons were the best.. And he was apart of it.. I honestly think they should use him for a couple episodes and then close the burke chapter.. The RATINGS need a boost like that.. As for brooke smith. What happened to her was really unfortunate.. They used her and let her go.. If i was shonda I wouldn't of started her and Callie's storyline in the 1st place.. Everyone could tell that it wouldn't go far.. And personally I didn't want it too... if you can fire IW over something that was said in the heat of the moment why have a Gay storyline? All that south of the border crap didn't do it for me.. Like I said my personal opinion.

Grey's Anatomy Poll: Should Alex and Izzie Get Together?

I love Alex and Izzie.. It's definetly realistic and something to work on.. It's not predictable.. And It's a storyline where you can honestly empathize with the characters. I sure as hell have dated guys like alex.. Who are broken but just need someone to let them know that someone actually cares.. I've been Izzie many times.. And alex is definetly going to learn how to love and acept love.. Now I LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE.. MerDer... but everything doesn't have to be so bright and shiny and childlike all the time. Derek is the teacher and Meredith is the student in that relationship.. Typical girl boy.. MerDer has been through hell.. But they've also had some very good times and touching moments.. Alex never had that. And who better to give it to him than izzie.. The ultimate optimist. With Alex and Izzie you have 2 people fighting something bigger than themselves.. Izzie surrending to the fact that denny is gone and she has to move and give her love to someone else.. And Alex finally seeing he deserves to be loved and taken care of just like everyone else.. He is human after all.. By the way I've been lurking around here for sometime. Finally decided to sign up.

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