Nikita Review: Saying Goodbye

Missed Birkhoff. But they were on the ground in Russia so he wouldn't need to be there. But he could have been in the first few minutes.
For the first time ever, I actually liked Sean and Alex together. Her mom seems a little naive.
Micheal is a great father. The end scenes had me nearly crying. His sacrifice? Really really awesome guy. And the times when he professed his love for Nikita? Priceless.
Max is too cute!! Referring to Nikita as Gun Lady. His face when she was kicking ass. His goodbye to Micheal.
And Cassandra? I honestly hate her. She's too... perfect? Hair, make-up, stuck up attitude. She looks more like a model or doll or something than a DOUBLE spy. Glad she's officially out.
Ok. Can't wait. :) What's gonna be the endgame of this season? And is there gonna be a 3rd?

Key Castle Clip: I Remember Everything!

Is is Monday yet?!


I like AnnaSophia Robb. She's a great actress and I think she looks REALLY cute in the picture up there. :D


Yesss!!!!!!!! Castle's renewed!!!!!!

Castle Round Table: "A Dance With Death"

My favorite scenes were with Ryan and Espo in the stripclub. Ryan and Espo were AWESOME in this episode. The scene in the elevator was priceless too. And I just wanna punch Castle when he talks about his 'playboy' days. Kate glares at him.
NEXT WEEK?!?! 100. Excited soooo much so. :) :) :)


Wow. I didn't believe Cassie and Adam were really in love either. But her crying? Heart wrenching. I can relate. And the curse was a lie? Whoa. John Blackwell. He's a dangerous man.
When is Nick supposedly coming back?
Can't wait for John de Lancie to guest star.
And that's it from me tonight. :)

Community Review: Non-Reality Check

Whooooo! I am in Community Heaven! Since I missed last weeks episode and have yet to watch it online this is my first eppy since the hiatus.... I'm super pumped. It's back! Six seasons and a movie!! Haha.
Anyhoo... lots of laugh out loud moments. And like the reviewer said: I'll never look a Britta the same. Baha. And Chang's little army. Jeff the Hulk. I LOVE COMMUNITY. And Troy did the right thing for Abed.
'Kay. I'm done. Can't wait til next week.


@ Anon
Thanks! I keep forgetting which episode # is which and couldn't find anything when I tried to Google it. Really looking forward to John de Lancie as a guest star!!!
And why do many people spell mustang 'mustange'?! Lol.
Anyhoo... I am looking forward to see the outcome of Cassie and Adam's love and curse.

New Bones Return Promo: She's in Labor!

Uhm what time on Monday?


What?! No! Don't replace Nick! He's my fav of the guys...