NCIS Sneak Peek: Just Come Home ...

Sorry to say I felt no satisfaction in this so called great send off. All I see is a hurt Tommy who will be back like
Nothing is wrong and don't think Gibbs doesn't know the truth. I wonder what Ziva said it him.. It left us unsatisfied
We need more the whole thing with Ari I don't get . You can't just keep telling us one thing and then Change it to
Fit your needs I believe the show will have great story lines but Tiva will be forever missed. She needs to come back
It's no longer interesting as the closure was poor to say the least.

NCIS Season 10 Finale Promo

I hope this is not a lead into a long legal battle next season to save Gibbs as we all know this show is heading toward its last one or two seasons left. It has been a great ten years but all good things must come to an end. I truly hope Ziva comes back as it will be such a great loss to their family and slowly things will fall apart if they try to replace her, I hope like all other seasons it will clear up in the first couple of episodes and move on to more good shows. Face it we know Abby holds the biggest of Gibbs secrets and lets hope Vance gets that report destroyed before they find it or we will need Miss Hart back but I see Harm coming to save Gibbs, like Gibbs did him in his finally episode. lets hear your idea's