Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Panopticon

I think that the POI team is going to go old tech this season. They are starting to use a wi-fi off the grid, their new headquarters will be in an abandoned part of forgotten Manhattan. It makes sense that with Samaritan being hostile, that they would have to go deep underground to avoid detection. The hostile agent that works for Samaritan seems very dangerous and looks to be a worthy replacement to HR. That Reese will sit at Carter's desk is fitting. Definitely off to a great start. Having Elias as the helpful evil guy is as always excellent.

Rookie Blue Review: Breaking Up the Band

I don't like the fact that Nick and Andi are asked to disappear without a trace to go undercover. If that was for real, then anyone with any connection to humanity would not be keen on doing it. Regarding Diaz going to Timmins (yeah, I grew up there), I find it hilarious that they have the city being dangerous stereotype down. Loads of us found Toronto to be "dangerous". As for the comments about policing in Timmins to be boring, they do have their moments and you can never forget that they have bears in town, something you don't get in the city.

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