Fringe Review: A Season Finale To Die For

Excellent Episode in all!! Roll on Season 5!! :) THANKYOU FOX!!!!


After watching the promo for 'Flight' I am sure Lexie is going to die. :(
I've had a feeling that she might be written out since the beginning of Season 8, she has had a lot less screen time the the extent of not appearing in episodes or merely having one line at a time, it seems they don't know where to take the character, other than Mark/Jackson she has had little development (I know Shonda wanted to focus on the originals but still everybody has had solid stories and development)
I am gutted that this is now becoming a realisation as Lexie is one of my favourite characters.
Lexie and Derek are missing apparently. But Patrick Dempsey is returning for seasons 9 and 10 (along with Ellen and Sandra) so he won't die, Mark and Arizona look sort of ok? But it shows Lexie is clearly stuck, crushed under the wing of the plane, not too likely to survive with those injuries I guess?!
Mark and Lexie have a bittersweet moment according to Shonda, I think death will be it!! AAAH Shonda your killing me!! :(