Grey's Anatomy Review: One Step At A Time

Bailey and Ben are really good together. though, B Squared is for Booth and Brennan on Bones. The only thing I can come up with us benley.

Once Upon a Time Review: A Snow White Worth Fighting For

If you've been watching they tell you "Only one knows" the writers aren't toying with us. they've already let the viewers know that the queen knows she cast a spell. like in last weeks episode when she was with Mr. Gold. and why would the queen make a curse and include herself in it? plus she named her "son" after her father Henry. I don't think you've been watching @C. Orlando.

Nikita Review: Secret Fathers Revealed

i don't think the secret is out yet. i am really proud of Nikita for telling the truth to Michael. i hope he forgives her or keeping it it from him so they could continue on as a couple. I think Alex might be joining the team soon.

Nikita Review: The Ultimate Secret!

I hope she tells him the truth. when she kept the truth about her role in killing Alexs father i wasn't mad because she didn't do it to protect herself, in my opinion. but keeping this truth from Michael, is just pure selflessness. and i really like this couple and don't want them to break up.

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