Glee Review: World War Glee

By UKGleek on tumblr(she is genius) So it’s that time of the week again where I share my thoughts on the recent episode of Glee. I usually really enjoy the mash-up episodes, ‘Vitamin D’ and ‘Never Been Kissed’ are easily some of my favourite episodes of Glee so far. So I went into this episode with high expectations, here’s what I thought about the episode as a whole.
I’m still not feeling the whole Puck/Shelby storyline, but I guess that’s the Puckleberry shipper in me. I love Puck as a character and I hate that they’re taking this route with him. Yeah, I know that he likes older women, but he had so growth last season, I feel like they’ve taken him back to Season 1 Puck. But, saying that, I really did enjoy the ‘Hot for Teacher’ performance. BIKE CHANDERSON totally took over that performance, and they ruled all. I’ve been wanting a friendship involving Puck/Blaine/Mike for ages now, I really want the writers to do something with them. I mean Blaine has been with ND for 6 episodes now and he still doesn’t have any real friends in the group aside from Kurt. Fix it RIB! That being said, what the hell was Blaine doing in class with them? I thought he was a junior? Or have RIB forgotten that as well? They seem to be forgetting a lot of things this season, so much for more continuity. But back to the performance, it was a fun number, even though Puck’s intentions were awkward. Rachel had a point. Remember what Will told her in Season 1? Wasn’t he the slightest bit suspicious?
Anyway, moving on. I like that it was Will and Shelby who instigated the whole Mash-Off idea. I still don’t like the idea that Will is blaming himself for Mercedes, Santana and Brittany leaving ND. It wasn’t his fault. They were being diva’s and honestly don’t deserve to be in ND with attitudes like that. I liked their Mash-Up with bringing the two clubs together. But yet again, we had to watch Mercedes and Santana believing that this was Will’s way of begging them to coming back. Yeah, get real. Oh and another thing, Santana telling Finn and ND to get off the Troubletone’s stage. Did she forget that April brought the auditorium for New Directions. Not the Troubletones - New Directions. Maybe they should remember that. After all, New Directions are basically allowing their competition to use their rehearsal space. Not something I’d been keen on doing.
I loved the scene in the choir room, with ND discussing their mash-up idea’s. Slightly random that Finn chose Rory for the lead. I mean I love him, but if it’s a competition, then surely they should’ve put their strongest foot forward? Just a suggestion, but like I said, I still love Rory. I think he’s adorable. I also loved Blaine in that scene, him thinking that Finn was actually talking about him. Talk about break through, Finn has been putting him down for weeks now. But still, Blaine took it on the chin and supported Rory for the solo. Like I said, the guy is adorable. I really enjoyed ND’s Mash-Up, yeah it’s still disproportional in regards to guys and girls, but it really worked. It was a fun performance, something ND do best. Yeah, their dancing often needs work. But you can tell that they’re doing something they all really enjoy. Isn’t that the point of Glee. Everyone’s personality shines through. That’s what I love about their group performances. We haven’t seen enough of these.
I really liked the Shelby/Rachel scene. I feel we need to see more of these. Shelby came back to try and fix things between the two of them, as well as involve Puck and Quinn in Beth’s life. She’s barely spoken to Rachel the whole time she’s been there. Seriously, I was really looking forward to seeing the relationship that these two could have. It just hasn’t been explored enough. Even though Rachel told Shelby she didn’t want anything to do with Shelby in episode, Shelby is still her mother and Rachel still holds her in high regard. She wouldn’t have taken her letter of recommendation to her otherwise. Yes, Shelby is an award winning show choir director, but if Rachel was against her that much, she still wouldn’t have bothered with her. Come on RIB, give these two a chance.
The dodgeball scene? Santana had annoyed me before this scene, I was willing for someone to take her down. She deserves it, always dishing out the dirt to everyone around her. I don’t understand this vendetta she has against Finn. All of a sudden she’s attacking him for no reason, other than to be mean. Simple answer, she’s a bitch. I loved the whole performance, Finn taking charge, and being a man about things when ND lost. Then of course Santana and The TroubleTones had to take it one step further and attack Rory when the game was over for no reason reason what so ever. Because it was funny. It was expected of Santana, because she’s a bitch, not that it’s any excuse. But the rest of the group. What was Brittany saying a couple of weeks ago about not tolerating Bullying? Yeah, keep telling yourself that Brittanty. You’re all as bad as each other.
Hummelberry? Oh Rachel! You know, I really love her, I just hate that the writers are so hell bent on destroying her this year. I don’t know why. Kurt really annoyed me, especially when Rachel was trying to talk to him. He’s just selfish, no other way of putting things really. He only really thinks about himself and how things will effect him. So in order for them to be friends, Rachel has to give up things that mean something to her, just to make Kurt feel good? What kind of friendship is that? Notice he only spoke to her again when she withdrew from the race. What’s going to happen if there is a competition for a solo on ND. Is he going to guilt trip her into giving him the solo, because if she doesn’t he’ll refuse to speak to her? He needs to grow up. The campaign speeches were odd as well. Yes Brittany used lies to back up her campaign, nothing was ever said about Rachel. But he directed his speech at her. Are we really supposed to believe that she was using lies and the like to help her campaign. I don’t see it myself. But again, this is Saint Kurt we’re talking about. He can do no wrong in the eyes of the Glee writers. My mistake.
Quinn? Oh Quinn, I really want someone to reach out and help her. I’m a fan of hers, but even I can’t defend what she’s doing. Whether or not Beth get’s taken from Shelby, she won’t be given back to Quinn. It doesn’t work like that, surely she’ll be taken into care. Quinn gave up all rights to her when she signed the papers. She’s not her mother anymore. Sure I feel for the girl, but I just want her to get some help. She’s lucky that Shelby even let her have contact with Beth at all, she didn’t need to do that. As well as Rachel, the writers seem determined to ruin what shred of Quinn’s character we have left.
The TroubleTone’s Mash-Up? Yeah, it was good. I’d never say it wasn’t. But I still enjoyed ND more. For the reasons that I mentioned above. They were like a machine, a machine that had been thrown onto the stage, you couldn’t tell whether they were enjoying themselves or not. Do they actually enjoy performing? You couldn’t tell. At least with ND, they do show their emotions when they’re performing. Yeah, Santana was showing some emotion. But it wasn’t because of the performance, so it doesn’t really count. What do they call VA? Soulless automatons? Well that’s basically what TTT are turning into yeah. VA 2.0. Not good.
Sue is getting tiresome now. Her add campaigns against Burt were ridiculous and we’re supposed to believe that the people of Lima were actually believing what she was telling them. Are they really that stupid? It’s things like that, that really makes me laugh about this show, and not in a good way.
Going to back to Santana and her emotions in TTT mash-up. While I don’t agree with outing someone. She had it coming. Karma’s a bitch. She’s been hurting people for far too long now. For three seasons she’s been dishing out the hate, and people have laughed it off, because hey, it’s Santana. It’s funny. It doesn’t matter if her comments hurt someone else. How many times has she hurt Rachel? Too many to count, but it doesn’t matter because it’s funny when Rachel gets picked on. Yeah, Finn probably shouldn’t have just blurted it out like he did. But how the hell was he supposed to know that someone was going to use it against Sue in an add campaign. Finn is a lot of things but he isn’t psychic. So yeah, it isn’t nice what she’s going through, but it isn’t Finn’s fault and he doesn’t deserve the hate that he’s been receiving. But again, I forgot, Santana is a Saint just like Kurt. She doesn’t deserve anyone calling her out on her crap. How silly of me to forget.


i think kurt and blaine will be great but rachel, she doesnt love finn so much i think, she dated him and never tried to give up her virginity but for jesse she was willing(even though she backed out)finn wouldnt be so great as jesse, he wouldnt sing about it

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my biggest problem is that shelby is closer to mercedes than rachel, ok you werent ready but being the coach of your daughters enemys hurts!!!

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ok, i just saw pot o gold, and i loved it and hated it at the same time
first almost no rachel, second santana when fanfiction just made me love her, we are back to the 1 season, and i think naya rivera lacked a bit in the breadsticks scene, again no rachel singing!!!
i loved damien he was so cute and i want him, rachel, blaine and brittany front and Mike front and center in all competitions, they have good voices and can dance(yes i am complaining about mercedes and finn)
i actually liked finn in this episode and even though it was harsh i brittany’s stupidity sometimes makes me gag.
also i cant believe shelby is so near rachel and she hasnt approached her, i wished puck has said something when she said all she wanted to be was a mom!!!!!!
also you can die quinn, i can believe it yeah beautiful speech but what can you give her??also trying to change puck, go to hell
but oh my god the last scene!!
again no rachel!!!!


i'm from brazil so someone could tell me please who got fired


It would be fun if they brought addison again, or mabe one of derek sisters that wants to meet meredith, or maybe find out a little more of lexie's past