Katherine Heigl Throws Ellen Pompeo a Baby Shower

It's a girl?! OMG! I'm so happy to hear that! Gosh! I'm sure she'll have a beautiful baby girl!

Report: Katherine Heigl Will Return to Grey's Anatomy

i am seriously happy!
but george leaves!

Burning Grey's Anatomy Questions For Season Six

1. Yes. 2. OF COURSE. 3. Sure! They will be cute couple. 4. Bailey is a strong woman. I'm sure she can move on. 5. I reallllly hope so! But the Post-it vows are very cute though. 6. I am sure it'll be written in. Without her there is no show. 7. You know what? Just wait until the baby's born! And do the show.

Ellen Pompeo, Boyfriend Hit the Town

she would be so cute if she was ACTUALLY with Patrick Dempsey. But as long as Ellen happy, I'm happy.