Beauty and the Beast Review: FINALLY

The only problem I have with this episode--well actually it is some characterizations since the show's start--is how Heather is portrayed and Tess' sudden relationship with Joe. I really enjoy the show. I have watched it from the beginning but neither Tess nor Heather are fleshed out well. In this episode Heather came across as the typical, one-note annoying younger sister and that is so unfortunate. If more development was given to the character since her introduction to the show, the way she behaved in this episode would have more resonance (with me anyway). She was completely over the top and there was no motivation tied to her reaction. Going to Tess to get a background check??? Because there isn't enough development of Cat's personal relationship with Tess as well as Heather the "interrogation scene" and every scene with Heather did not have the advantage, IMO, of tension that had built up to this point. These scenes just made Heather and Tess look snarky and bitchy instead of a loving friend and sister. I get that Tess/Heather were concerned and that they do care about Catherine but more time is given to Cat/Vincent ‘s relationship (which of course should be the case) and that makes their interactions resonate more. Cat even said to Vincent in this episode that the other two important relationships in her life were with Tess and Heather. In the last four months it would have been nice to see just how important those relationships are to Cat in other ways aside from lying to them to protect them. And then there is the issue of Tess’ relationship with Joe that the writers just tossed in out of nowhere. There has never been any indication that there was the least bit of attraction between the two. I love the romance of this show. I love the chemistry between Vincent/Cat and I do enjoy the twists and turns of Cat/Vincent’s storyline but I wish the writers did not treat Cat’s other “important� relationships as accessories or props.

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