Grey's Anatomy Review: It's All About Protocol

Teddy should be with Henry. They would make a damn cute couple! :D
And omg, Callie and Arizona, Mark is way to much involved. It's like they have a threesome, but without the sex. I would be as annoyed as Arizona! I hope they're allright!

Now What?

Huddy split up :( I want Thirteen back!!!

How I Met Your Mother: Renewed!

Two more?! That's awesome. :D I just hope that they'll give us more clues about the mother cause there weren't a lot this season. It's great that we can enjoy the show for two more years but I think it's gonna kill the story. It will be too long, I think. Now it's just a good Sitcom instead a Sitcom with a story.

Pretty Little Liars Review: "A Person of Interest"

I knew Caleb had something to do with it! What will Hanna say if see finds out that Caleb is into something against the girls. I think he has something to do with A, but I'm not sure. I'm still a bit fuzzy on the details but I think that Jenna has something to do with it too. Of course she has something to do with it, but I'm not sure what. I also think see is not really blind. She has a to creepy way of knowing about people and things. Am I missing something or do we have to wait till the season finale?

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